Wuxia Legends – Age of Kung Fu Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Wuxia Legends – Age of Kung Fu Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Enjoy Yourself with The Limitless Numbers of Gold by Using the Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes Cheats.

A game that will take you deep into a journey of the Kung Fu World with some of the strategic flavor and there is also a decent storyline that you will keep you hooked up easily, try to read the following details of the gameplays in our Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes guide.

The game was created by “Duy Tran” company and it is available on the Android and IOS platforms, use the Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes cheats to ensure that you are reaching the highest possible stage of the game easily.

Storyline in Few Lines.

Ou Yang Feng is causing trouble the Kung Fu World, haunted by many honorable heroes, he has sought refuge in White Camel Mountain, and that was the brief story about the game and now you should prepare yourself to take place in your first combat, but you must be aware of choosing this path because they call it the path of death, so do not blame anyone for your demise and now we are done with introducing you the gameplay and we will be moving next deeper into the game.

let’s help you to choose the right hero that will suit your playing style as much as possible, there are two available characters and they both look similar but that is only according to the look, if you take a deep look into the actually skills type you will be surprised I guarantee you.

Choose Between Two Great Characters.

The Tian Drunkard is a strong male warrior whom is using a long sword, this character is well known for its fire spirit and using all the skill based over the spirit of fire, so except a very damage that doesn’t have tolerance towards anyone.

The second character is Yi Lin, a young ambitious girl that is using her water spirit to bring peace back into the earth and eliminate any threat that could possibly appear there, use her special powers to become as strong as possible in no time.



Choose A Name That Would Travel All Over the World.

Now let’s choose a name for your young swordsman, try to make it decent as much as possible because you will never be able to change it later or apply any modifications to it, and also the name will be viewed by other players from all over the world, in case you couldn’t manage to think of a name that would suit your character then do not hesitate to hit the dice icon and it will generate a random name for you and tapping it once more will recreate another name, so keep trying until you reach a name that satisfies you.

A Quick Warmup to Test Out Your Skills.

Young swordsman, the future is dangerous so let’s do some basic training and you will be receiving 200 gold as a reward if you completed the training successfully, and of course you should be knowing that 200 gold is nothing when you put it in a comparison with the Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes cheats and how it will change your life entirely.

And now let’s warm up by the following missions as they are nothing when compared with the real world challenges which are waiting right at your door but they are good for testing out some of your skills.

Consider to Add the Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes Hack to Your Plans.

click on the frame that is located at the bottom to control the battle, click an enemy to lock the target, if you do not use the manual lock the target will be locked automatically, these are special Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes tips which are written by the finest team at our website so try to follow them strictly as much as possible.

And now one more thing, try to slide from left to right it can trigger total attack, do this at your hero’s bar at the bottom, and let’s forget that you can improve and upgrade your current line up powers with the Wuxia Legends – Condor Heroes hack easily.

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