Watch Quest Heroes of Time Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Watch Quest Heroes of Time Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Receive Tons of Tokens Using the Watch Quest! Heroes of Time Cheats for Free Right Away!

You must be aware of this information before downloading the game to your device, the app will require from you to have an Apple Watch ready, your main mission is to help your hero to travel from one land to another and explore new areas and locations, obtain the Watch Quest! Heroes of Time cheats to help you out with the travelling journey.

Watch Quest! Heroes of Time was created by “WayForward Technologies, Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded on IOS and Android platforms.

Perfect Storyline.

Nikola tesla detected! destroy everything that comes right in front of your eyes, that what the Robot-Police said and that is when the battle will begin, but you must be aware of the help that you will be receiving from your friends in the battle as your best friend whom have travelled all across the world to this place and time to face a great evil but he has come alone to tell you that if you can handle the strategy he will he handle the combat for you, and that will be taking us to the combat controls system.

And now we can understand that you are aware of the full sides of the game story and ready to enter the action, read our Watch Quest! Heroes of Time guide with caution.

Combat System.

The attacking mechanism has been improved in the previous patches of the game so right here we will be giving you the latest updates related to the combat, tap on an enemy to target it and start executing your attacking moves, and since this is a turn based game then you will have to wait until your turn comes in order to deliver your attacks, these bots packing a beating, but you have got some surprises waiting up in your pocket to fry out the opponent’s circuits from the fuse, follow up the Watch Quest! Heroes of Time tips.



Understand The Pros and Cons of the Special Skills.

To use a skill, tap on the skills that you wish to initiate and watch out because each special skill will consume a certain number of mana points from your huge mana pool, try to increase your skills and mana pool by using the Watch Quest! Heroes of Time cheats as it will allow you to purchase newer items and much improved versions of the gears.

And once you have selected the skill successfully, time has come to tap an enemy to target it and finish them off, this is a quick note, Temporal Rapture skill will rip apart the strands of time to bring down destruction upon your foes, it will be dealing damage to 3 targets maximum.

Recover Your Health Before Joining Another Battle.

You can use the health generating potions to increase your health points that you have lost from the previous battle, make sure that you are fully recovered before you get yourself into another combat that would simply mean the end for your life.

This bot is a lot bigger, we will need to hit it with different skill, now give it the juice with the lightning sphere, call down lightning from the heavens to deal huge damage to any enemy!

Upgrade Your Heroes to Their Maximum Potential with The Watch Quest! Heroes of Time Hack.

IN each round at the battle you will be given only 1 minute to do your planning phase and start to execute it, if the time passes and you are still idle then this will mean that your turn will be skipped and the opponent shall take the upper hand.

Choose your favorite class between three available classes, the warrior, strategist, and the seeker, each class of them will be packed up with some special 4 skills to be used in the battles, but after all nothing will help you more than the Watch Quest! Heroes of Time hack since it will become your main source for the tokens in the game to purchase new gears and increase your powers.

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