Valerian: City of Alpha Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Valerian: City of Alpha Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Receive Any Number You Select of Simors BY Using the Valerian City of Alpha Cheats for Free!

This is an official version of the famous game “Luc Basson`s” start your own empire by building and constructing several buildings and actually by buildings we mean space metropolis, and make relations and alliances with aliens from different galaxies to improve your technology and become unstoppable, use the Valerian City of Alpha cheats to cover your expenses inside.

Valerian City of Alpha was created and published by “SPIL GAMES” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS device.

Meet Captain Haakan.

As the game starts you will see a quick cinematic video that its events are taking place in the space, so you should be expecting that everything will be fully upgraded and improved in this game since the game events are happening in the future, keep on reading our Valerian City of Alpha guide to learn more about the game and master out your skills.

Meet Your commander terrain, as he is deeply honored to meet you, captain Haakan of the kortan dahuks, and he is believing that the humans have been waiting for this moment since long time.

Captain haakan is an alien creature, and he has managed to reach the planet earth after a long journey following the Omega Satellite that has led them to reach the Titan base, so a warm welcome from commander terran into the human’s solar system, and he is sending an invitation to Captain haakan to join the orbiting system around the planet.

As he believes that a universe teeming with life, it is incredible everything we hoped, he will be heading to alpha to prepare for Hakaan arrival, and he has loaded his prototype AI, Alex your ship to guide Hakaan successfully.



A Quick Introduction to The Human Solar System.

Welcome to the human solar system, Alpha, the ark of humanity lies just ahead and the system has managed to upload the ship`s coordinates to your space map, so make sure that you are following it.

Tap on the ship to display useful information about it, and by useful information, tap on the recall button to guide the ship to alpha, the button will be displayed right at the bottom corner, this process will simply take few seconds and that is your opening scene.

Welcome to Alpha, the peak of human technology and cooperation well most of the time…tap the on the button located on the left side of the screen in order to open the hologrid, and this hologrid will show you the habitats of all of the alpha`s species, two and counting, apparently you living species need resources to live, but you have to work together to make them and cover all your needs.

Tap on this human habitat for more details, use this feature with any habitat in case you want to learn more details about the characters around you, and as you can see a human habitat needs something to be able to craft URANIUM, these could be found under the technology list, find more important Valerian City of Alpha tips about how to improve the habitat of the humans.

Survival Tips and Instructions.

The humans normally need another species to work with, tap on an empty cell to select a habitat to place there, here you can see the species currently living on Alpha, grouped by specialization, and it looks like the kortan Dahuks offer exactly what the humans need, you should be considering yourself to be a lucky person.

Tap on the Kortan Dahuk icon to select it, and now tap the build button to place them in the desired cell, this is a very simple task but it will come at a cost and that is why we are recommending in our review to use the Valerian City of Alpha cheats as it will become a reliable source of simors, this is a very safe and trusted method as it is available for you to be used at any moment, and it will be giving you a leverage over your friends in the game and secure you a place and the top of the leaderboard system.



Receive Uranium and Many Other Valuable Resoruces by Following the Given Tips.

Continuing what we started earlier on here, you should know that now the humans and Kortan Dahuks will be working together, and the humans will start producing Uranium which is actually very valuable and could be used in several fields to produce energy and enormous powers.

You will know that there is enough uranium to be collected as soon as you see an icon of a box appearing right over the habitat, tap over it to collect it because this is the only way to make the habitat start producing once more, since as long as it has resources ready to be collected it will stall the work.

With this rate of producing uranium we are pretty sure that you will be able to fuel a whole fleet of spaceships, which will help you to achieve your goals very quickly, and with the Valerian City of Alpha cheats, we are pretty sure that are nothing that will stop you from reaching your target eventually.

Captain Haakan is actually a good man as he has been helping the humanity to produce the uranium, and he is ready to introduce you to new sorts of powers which will take you into a new level but first he has to meet new types of species and start doing the cooperation.

Improve Your Fleet of Spaceships Using the Valerian City of Alpha Hack!

Coordinates received, and I guess it is time to head back to the space map and bring these newcomers to the Human solar system, they are somewhere in the milky way, but it is unclear where, you need to send a crew to scan the sector entirely and know the strong and weak points, you can get some help from Valerian City of Alpha hack but that is coming back to you after all, and right here we will be explaining how to use the hacks.

Remember that you do not have to do everything by yourself, so when it comes to sector exploring, you could simply assign a crew that will assemble a team to explore any selected sector easily, but you need to have enough amount of agents because they have to be there with the team and lead it into their new missions, increase your units and agent’s qualities and numbers with the Valerian City of Alpha hack investments, this is such a fascinating way to get the job done.

Our final conclusion, you should be knowing that you are entering a new experience which is taking a place in the open space and everything is not realistic as this is a ski fi game, so try to enjoy the game story as much as possible.

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