Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get All the Cash You Need by Using the Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money Cheats.

This is a simulation game, it was created and published by “East Side Games Studio” the game was released on 20 April, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and make cash as much as you can, and using the Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money cheats will provide you with all the needed cash.

The Boys Are Out of the Jail Help Them Make Decent Cash.

Welcome to Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money, I’m Conky and I’m going to teach you how to play this game! Looks like those idiots got out of jail today, but they don’t know how things really are!

It’s awesome to be home from jail, did you read the news Ricky? The Canadian economy is bad! The Lonnie’s in a flaming nose dive, and our country’s a laughing stock because of you!

Well if it isn’t sexy Julian, his little pal Bubbles, and Ricky the shit weasel.

And finally make sure to read our Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money tips to literally understand the game before you even start playing it.


Follow The Instructions to Learn the Basic Game Controls.

I have got a present for you! A fine for hitting that investor with a jug of piss! Shit, Lacey got to the point, how much? A hundred dollars, ha! That’s nothing.

That is one hundred dollars! We are done boys!

How are we supposed to make 100 American dollars?!? That’s like a MAJILLION in Canadian dollars, we will never make that much! It’s not rocket appliances bubbles…All we have to do is borrow some gas from those cars and sell it, and make sure you have read our Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money guide to learn the basic game controls.



Now Build the Ricky’s Used Gas to Collect A lot of Cash.

Here is your new goal of the game and your first one, build Ricky’s used gas! Now tap on the build button and you will spend 5 dollars on building that gas station, and you are going to collect the rewards after each car uses that gas station.

Step right up, get your gently used gasoline here! Just leave your money, take what you pay for and I’m going to go get wasted… you are not going anywhere! Just shut up and keep collecting that cash.

Now your new goals is to collect three times from the Ricky’s used gas! And finally make sure to get the help from using the Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money cheats to get a lot of dollars to be able to easily progress in the game.

Now It’s Time for The Real Money Build the Dirty Dancer to Make Profits.

Ok now what? We need more customers, how do we get those? Advertising! You got to spend money to make money! No, you get money and you keep money…that’s how you make money.

Now that’s the third goal and that’s getting customers for Ricky’s used gas! The more you spend, the more you make!

Spend more cash to attract more customers, customers will increase the profit of a business! Alright, we are off to a good start, but we need to diversify… what is the one commodity that’s 100% increase recession proof? What are you going using your big school words? Just use normal people words and I will understand what you are saying! Ricky, he is talking about entertainment.

Ok it’s time to get the dirty dancer up and running again, Decent! Now build the dirty dancer!

Put Your Hands On the Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money Hack to Unlock New Features.

If you cannot collect all the cash you need to build the different buildings that will increase your income, if you cannot unlock all the available characters of the game, and also through the game if you cannot defeat the different bosses of the game, using the Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money hack will provide you with all the cash you are going to need to easily progress in the game.


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