Tactics Squad: Dungeon Heroes Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips

Tactics Squad: Dungeon Heroes Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips

Tactics Squad: Dungeon Heroes Cheats It’s The Source of the Enjoyment!

This game was created and published by “Sway Mobile” company, and it was released on Jan 03, 2017 and it can be downloaded on both platforms, Android and IOS for free, remember to get also the valuable Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes cheats, and that is only because everything you will be purchasing will come at a cost, so simply are going to generate big numbers of gems for free.

Understand The Heroes Powers!

Here are some great ideas to keep you moving, and since we are writing an Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes guide, this all what we are trying to achieve here is your success and progress, the tactic attribute berserk sharpie increases physical attack for a short period of time, and it can be recharged by killing many enemies, and once you reach a certain amount of number the berserk shall be available to use, however, you must use it very carefully because it also decreases your defense, in other words you will be getting higher damage and that could lead to your certain death, however Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes cheats are a gem generator, so you can pay  a visit tot eh game NPC and start purchasing new gears to increase your defense so you can start using the berserk mode freely.




Clear Out Amazing Dungeons!

Hmm, I’m not sure if this is the right path that you should be taking on your trip, you should be near the bottom of the dungeon by now, but you probably have lost your way and failed your job, prepare yourself to meet the guardian of this dungeon, he is scary man, and if you read the Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes tips, you will realize that it is dangerous to move on your own here and to clear out this dungeon, but with Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes hack, you shall be able to clear it out on your own using the received gems, and start on purchasing new gears and items to improve your powers which we will be covering later on with details in this game.

Become The First at The Leaderboards!

Start building and constructing your team, by adding different talents and fighters into it depending on your plans and tactics at the fights, challenge other players and increase your over all rank in the game leaderboards.


Tons of Classes to Choose from!

There are many class and characters to play with, let’s start with the Cold  blooded Inquisitor “Agnes:” his moto is that, there is no place for Pagans, he is a cold blooded inquisitor who attacks all enemies expert, and as any other super hero, each of them has his own unique skills, and this hero has the Counter Demolition skill, which upgrades and increases your damage attack, and it deals damage to all the enemies every 7 seconds none stop, which we could consider this as a greater damage per second skills type for it continuous effect on the opponents, the other magical skills is the Trick Punishment, it can simply increase all the allies critical rate, which means that their chances of getting a critical hit has been increased and thanks to this skill, and also the critical damage will be increased once this skills Is used, so get Tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes hack right away to be able to purchase new weapons so your damage would be super high on the enemies.




Simple and Friendly UI, and with tactics Squad Dungeon Heroes Hack You Shall Come Over Any Obstacle!

Let’s give you a quick over view the game UI and how it looks like so you would be receiving the same experience that we are living at the moment of playing the game, at the bottom right corner, there are the 4 characters that you will be playing with, and they will change and can be increased or decreased depending on the game events, and each one of them has a different style and outfit, plus the magical powers abilities, and of course the health bar of each one and how he well is he performing at the battle, and on the other hand you can find the tactics button, and this means only one thing, that the game is not based 100% over the items powers and how good your team is, actually you have to set up a decent formation and make things as simple as possible.

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