SpongeBob Game Station Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

SpongeBob Game Station Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies

SpongeBob Game Station Cheats now to get free access to the Christmas packages!

SpongeBob Game Station was released on 27 December 2016, it was created and developed by BlueArk.

SpongeBob Game Station is now available for free to download at Google play for all the Android devices with firmware of 3.0 and up.

SpongeBob Game Station is also available for free to download at the Appstore for all the IOS devices.

SpongeBob Game Station is a fun game where you run and seek for an endless journey to collect gold and diamonds, so do not forget the get the SpongeBob Game Station cheats to get free diamonds needed to purchase gold coins or you can just purchase them from the store for real money as well.


Customize your character and begin your journey.

When you first start the game the SpongeBob Game Station guide will ask you kindly to write your nickname without containing any special characters, spaces or inappropriate words, always remember to use the SpongeBob Game Station hack to get the extra packs for free.


Easy game controls!

The easiest game controls of your life as you swipe your finger left to go left and swipe your finger right to go right, and you can also jump by swiping your finger upwards, and slide under the obstacles by swiping downwards, then the SpongeBob Game Station tips will begin to illustrate the game with simple ways, as the tutorial finish you will be rewarded by 3000 coins and the reward has been sent to your inbox.


Game Missions.

SpongeBob Game Station has lots of missions and that is the best thing about the game the variety in mission as there are daily mission for examples, you can play once then earn 500 coins, and when you play 3 times you can get 1,000 gold coins just by playing, the third mission is to complete all daily mission then you can get 10 diamonds, however diamonds can be purchased for real money or you can get them by the SpongeBob Game Station hack for free, then for the fourth mission is to collect 30 king coins during the game play, then the next mission is to collect 3000 gold coins during game play to get 1,000 gold coins, you can also watch ads for five times in order to get 5 diamonds, and by opening three bottles you can get 2,000 gold coins and last but not least dodge coins for 10 seconds to get 2000 gold coins.


SpongeBob Game Station Hack : Connect to Facebook now and earn rewards!

Use Facebook now and connect through it to get awesome rewards as well as you can compare you score with your friends, try to access the ranking section located at the upper left corner of your device’s screen as you can see where your rank is and compare your score with your friends, your country and even the whole globe, so do not forget to use the SpongeBob Game Station Hack to be able to make all the upgrades and compete to be the number one in the world.


Upgrade SpongeBob

Use the gold coins to upgrade your SpongeBob as you can increase his shield duration, and also magnet duration for 2,000 gold coins, and there is also the giant mode duration which you can unlock for 4,000 gold coins, remember that you can always purchase the coins from the store using the diamonds and you can purchase the diamonds for real money, however you can always choose the easy way and get the SpongeBob Game Station cheats and get those diamonds for free, and there is the bonus stage duration as you can upgrade it for 2,000 gold coins and last but not least there is the dash mode duration for 2,000 gold coins.

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