Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Receive Any Number of Coins You Desire by Using the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Cheats for Free!

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The Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time treats were stolen and hidden by the devil crows but actually you are here now to find them and get them back for the cats and improve their feelings and life overall, enjoy playing in several places all over the world with outstanding visuals and effects in order to find the hidden treats.

Invite your friends to enter the challenge and increase the heat of the challenge dramatically, use the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time cheats to ensure that you are completing the given missions in the meantime.

Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time was created and published by “Strawdog publishing Limited” company and it is available on Android and IOS platforms.

General Information.

The game begins by giving you two options to choose from and each one of them is representing a feature that will allow you to increase and improve the time quality that you are spending on the game, and actually that is when the necessary Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time guide form our team shall shine up and start giving aid to the readers to help them how exactly should they start their career mode in the game so far.

The first feature that you can see on the right side is the Facebook icon, and this is simply linking your Facebook account with the game as it will allow you to keep all your game saves linked to this account and also you are going to feel much safer once you activate this option.

The only possible way to lose your data is by deleting the Facebook account itself, but otherwise everything would be stable and smooth, you are no longer in need to keep the game safe on your device even if you are not planning to play it in the near future, clean out your device memory and do not worry anymore about losing the game saves.

Opening Scenes.

Open the bag, and that is when the game actually begins, remember that you are playing as the main guy whom is going to take care of the cats, and when they are hungry you have to do anything to feed them up, so let’s start by giving them some treats.

Match three treats diagonal and that is how you going to give the required amount of food to these cats and stop them from being hungry, but there are several Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time tips that we shall be only expressing them out at the right time, so you shouldn’t seek something that wasn’t given to you at the first place.

Remember that the longer the chain, the more treats you will be getting, there is no certain shape that you have to be following on your matching process, the only condition that must be met is that all of the treats must be actually connected to each other.

Take a look over the cats at the top side to know what exactly they want, each cat will have a certain number and type of treats that pleases it, so that is simply your mission.



Gameplay with Density.

Second mission is based over feeding the cats still, but you will learn new techniques and actually the challenge is a little bit different now so stay tuned.

The longer the chain that you are forming the higher your score shall be at the end of the mission report, try to increase your score as much as possible but always focus on the main mission because doing side connections is something that is totally not necessary and will change according to the different conditions.

We can suggest you to have some sort of help by using the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time cheats, but if you are not fully aware how it will function exactly with you then it is recommended for you to leave it behind and keep on reading.

Creating long lines is one of the most followed techniques in the game, as it will reward you with a special treat that will simply clear the last line you touch, this special treat will be dropped among the other treats but using it will depend on your lane and on which line you would love to clear out from the playing scene.

Unique Tips for Starters and Advanced Players.

The longer the chain the more chain special treats you will be creating, each special treat will have its own special ability, but nothing will surpass the powers of the boosters which are easily obtainable once you reach certain levels, get enough funds to purchase any number of boosters without worrying about the cost via obtain Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time cheats.

Complete level after level as this is the fastest way to increase your levels in the game, the higher your level the more features and abilities are going to become available for you and that is the main goal.

Keep on following the given tutorial inside, but you can simply ignore if you have noticed that it is not helping you anymore, and keep in mind that you have a limited number of moves in each level, feed all the cats before you run out of moves because if that happens, then this means you have to restart the game all over again and try to feed the cats within the given moves counter.

You can increase your amount of moves by getting the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time cheats but that is only available for the pro players.

Unlock New Boosters with Extra Features Via the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time Hack!

Feeding the cats is your number one priority, but with us you will be feeding them with style, get the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time hack and enjoy all the super powers and abilities that will save you the time and effort on feeding these cats, use the boosters and turn your moves counter into an unlimited counter easily with spending coins.

Sometimes your main mission could be changing as you have to collect the gold fish or in other words, collect the treats which are only located inside a certain area that is highlighted with a gold fish logo, do your best to find the optimal matching treat system.

Keep an eye over the top left corner as it will indicate your rating system at the mission and will show you how are you performing so far on the challenge, the more moves you are consuming the lower your rating is going to be that is why the Simon’s Cat – Crunch Time hack will be always there for you, use the coins and star purchasing boosters which will help you to finish any mission with almost 2 or 3 moves maximum, and that is a world new record that is going to be broken right here.

Move from one mission to another and explore the whole world, but after all, you have only 4 tries, if you have failed to pass any of them missions then you have to wait for a decent period of time until you become able to play again.

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