PROJECT : DRIFT Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

PROJECT : DRIFT Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get A lot of DP by Putting Your Hands On The PROJECT DRIFT Cheats.

This is a sports game, it was created and published by “OsmanElbeyi” the game was released on 27 April, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and prove your drifting skills, also use the PROJECT DRIFT cheats to get a lot of DP to easily progress in the game.

Choose A Car and Begin the Drifting Journey.

Once you start the game you will be asked to choose a car from the available cars in the game, these cars costs DP but since you are a beginner your first car will be free for purchase, this is also will be a gift from the game to you to start the game easily without any suffer at the beginning.

These cars have different stats from each other so make sure to always get the best racing car to use to win every race you are going to enter, and finally make sure to read the PROJECT DRIFT tips we are going to mention in the next titles to understand the game before you even start it.

Get Stars as Much as You Can to Proceed to The Next Levels.

The game has around 25 level, but you cannot proceed to the next levels until you get specific amount of stars each game, like if you want to play level two you need 2 stars, if you want to start playing level 3 you need 4 stars, if you want to play level 4 you need 6 stars, and if you want to start level 5 you need about 8 stars and so on, so make sure to always do your best at each race you enter to get stars as much as you can, and finally make sure you have read our PROJECT DRIFT guide to know how to unlock the upcoming levels of the game.



Unlock The Different Modes of the Game to Enjoy It the Most.

There are four modes to play the game with, these modes are the beginner mode, amator mode, expert mode and the professional mode, these modes requires also specific amount of stars to be unlocked and to be played, the amator mode needs 70 stars to be played, the expert mode needs 142 stars to be played and the professional mode required 202 stars.

The game is getting harder every time you progress in the game, so you need to train harder and harder to score high point while drifting each race and also to be able to unlock the different modes of the game.

And finally if you need extra help you can always get that help from using the PROJECT DRIFT cheats to will provide you with a lot of DP to be able to purchase any car you want to play the game with.

Use The Free Driving Option to Train Hard for The Next Stages of the Game.

The game offers you a good option to be able to train hard before any race, the game has the free driving option, you can always choose a track for free driving to train and to learn more about the game and its controls, so you can always get and score high points from drifting.

The free driving option has almost every track in the career mode so you can always try them before getting into the real level.

There is also another good thing in the game and that’s you can always adjust the game settings the way you want to enjoy the game with, you can adjust the game cameras.

Unlock New Features by Obtaining The PROJECT DRIFT Hack.

If you cannot progress in the game, if you cannot unlock the different cars of the game, if you cannot get score high points to be able to compete against random and real players that playing the game from all over the world in the score board, using the PROJECT DRIFT hack will supply you with all the DP you need to easily progress in the game.


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