Pictionary Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Pictionary Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get A lot of Gems By Putting Your Hands On The Pictionary Cheats.

This is a drawing game, it was created and published by “Etermax” the game was released on 26 April, 2017.

Start downloading the game to you IOS and android devices and start prove your drawing skills, and finally make sure to always get the help from using the Pictionary cheats that will give you a lot of gems to be able to skip the wait time before opening any chest of the game.

Note: To free Gems no need to read the whole article, Just head to This Cheats you will find what you are looking for.

Fulfill Your Dreams And Start Drawing Whatever You Want In This Game.

Welcome to Pictionary! Tap the new game button to start playing the game, there are two game modes to choose from, let’s start with turn based to get a hang of the game, tap the play now button to get started! In this game you are going to fulfill your dreams, you are going to draw whatever you want with the different tools the game offers you, and finally make sure to read our Pictionary guide in the next titles to perfectly learn the basic game controls.

Enter Your Birthday And Start Enjoying The Game.

Pick a card to find out what you get to draw, after picking a card you will get the telescope object, now let’s start drawing.

Choose a color and stroke width a let the magic begin! Once you are done, don’t forget to send your drawing! This is how you are going to play the game, with such simple and easy game controls you should start drawing whatever you want in no time, and finally make sure you have read all of our Pictionary tips we have mentioned to learn playing the game before you even start it.



Open The Different Chests To Get Rewarded With Different Prizes.

This is your dashboard, you can find all our games in progress here, this is where you will find all your prize chests, win some games to start filling up those empty slots! Opening these chests will award you with some rewards that will help you progress easier in the game, now tap on the chest to start unlocking it.

Every chest has different specific times to be unlocked after tapping on it, and you can always get free chests every four hours as a gift from the game, and finally if you are running out of gems you can always get the help from using the Pictionary cheats that will provide you with all the gems you are going to need to skip the wait time when opening a prize chest.

Upgrade All of Your Tools To Unlock New Colors And Strokes.

In the inventory section of the game, you can always start upgrading all of your tools to easily draw and paint whatever you want in a simple and easy way, but to upgrade those tools you need to collect cards from the different chests to the different tools.

As an example the pen after opening our first chest we will get 9 cards of it, so tap on it and tap on the upgrade button that will cost you around 20 coins, upgrading tools will unlock new colors and strokes, and you also have the eraser to start upgrading, so exert all of your efforts to enjoy the game most.

Get A lot of Chests By Obtaining The Pictionary Hack.

If you are running out of coins, if you cannot unlock the different upgrades of the tools, if you cannot open a lot of chests to get a lot of cards to be able to upgrade those tools, using the Pictionary hack will supply you with all the coins you are going to need through your journey to be able to upgrade all of your tools.


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