Ninja Arashi Cheats, hack, Tips & Guide

Ninja Arashi Cheats, hack, Tips & Guide

Save Your Child and Use the Ninja Arashi Cheats for Free to Have Tons of Diamonds!

Your child life is at stake as he was kidnaped by the evil Orochi, so start fighting your way off with the given lethal weapons and moves which you will be learning to achieve your goal and retrieve back your kid and kill everyone stands on your way to get him from the orochi men, using the Ninja Arashi cheats is totally recommended to fasten up the game events and come over most of the game obstacles you will be facing.

the Ninja Arashi game was created and released by “Black Panther” gaming company and downloading it to your Android or IOS device has become possible now free of charge.

Game Introduction.

Purchasing new gears and upgrading the current ones is something that we should never forget during the intense fights you will be getting into, that is why you can be accessing the place where the magic happens that is located on the top right corner of the screen and choose between either to upgrade or purchase new items section, if you are new to the game and do not know exactly which parts needs to be upgraded as the highest priority then you should keep reading our Ninja Arashi guide as we will cover this part with details later one.

Use The Ninja Arashi Hack to Upgrade Your Skills for Free!

in this part you will know which parts would require much higher attention from you when it comes to the upgrading process and we will express the with you, and they go as the following list, also do not forget the importance of Ninja Arashi hack.

Kenjutsu: Arashi dashes forward dealing massive damage to all enemies in contact while becoming invuernable to their attacks, but the bear traps stop dash momentum.

SHURKENJUTSU: Arashi`s most basic weapon as it will be throwing a single Shrunken at the enemies to deal damage from distance, it is recommended to use it on stealth mode and if you cannot reach a certain target with your own knives.

Meditation: this skill will simply increase your hero maximum life points and the shield duration as well, and it is a passive skill, which means you do not have to activate it in order to see the effect taking place.

HENSOJUTSU: Arashi temporarily disguise himself as an object, becoming undetected by the enemies for a short duration while in disguise, rishi will never be able to perform attacks, jump or use any other ability so you are simply paralyzed.

Purchasable Items.

As we spoke earlier about the upgradeable items and listed them by the importance level, here we will be talking about the highest priority items you should be considering to purchase as soon as you use the Ninja Arashi cheats and get enough amount of diamonds, so read our Ninja Arashi tips down below.

the most common part at the shop is the ability of purchasing new playable characters as they have much better look and probably higher powers as well.

Faster Ways to Increase Your Diamonds.

If you are looking for faster ways to increase your amounts of diamonds without getting to use any of the methods, we have mentioned above then consider watching this advertisement video by clicking on the video icon at the main menu at the bottom left corner of the screen and you will be receiving free diamonds instantly once you finish watching it.

Simple Controls Like Never Before.

the controls are so simple which would allow you to get used to it in very short period, on the left side there will be the movement and direction arrows and since this is only a 2D game then you can go to the right or left direction only, and on the opposite side is the jumping button, double tap on it in order to jump much higher in the air to get over the big hills, but this is not the only usage for it, remember that it could be used as well to jump over obstacles.

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