Lost Survivor Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Lost Survivor Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Tons OF Diamonds Simply by Putting Your Hands over The Lost Survivor Cheats for Free!

A challenge that is awaiting you on the island as you were dropped out and lost all your mates in a huge accident and you are supposed now to use whatever is around you for the surviving purpose so this game is simply putting your surviving skills under a heavy test.

Remember that you will be in need to huge number of Diamonds in order to be able to purchase the surviving items and last as long as possible on these islands, that is why you should be using the Lost Survivor cheats as an alternative for increasing your own diamond numbers, it is completely safe and secure as the created diamonds will be sent right to your account in a gift form.

Lost Survivor was created and published by “Van innogames” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS powered device.

Starting Scene.

As you wake up at the morning on this isolated island and the new parrot is going to be your new Lost Survivor guide in this game so it is recommended to follow all his instructions carefully in case you wanted to live longer.

Tap on the screen at the highlighted place in order to move the character over there, and remember that it is not safe around here and that is why you should be looking for something to wear out and arm yourself, so your mission to search for a weapon will being as the first thing ever in the game.

Search Valuable Items in The Left Over Boxes.

Sometimes there will be Angry pincers blocking your way to move around from one place to another but with the right weapon and by following our important Lost Survivor tips as well the result will be great as you can be surviving for longer periods easily.

Start seeking and unlocking the old human package that was left around after the wreckage, they contain useful stuff and many valuable items, open these boxes by moving closer to them and tapping on the hand icon and it will get unlocked automatically.



Combat System.

If you do not want to pick a certain item from these boxes then simply skip it and it will remain there at the same place you have found it, but since you are looking for any useful item prepare to use the first knife that you have obtain from the box to take out that crab, and that is taking us into the combat mode.

Before starting any battle there will be a small introduction that puts you against your opponent and also there will be a list that contains the special skills of each side, tap on the start button to enter the battle.

Improve Your Powers with The Lost Survivor Hack!

The battle system is turn based, so make sure that you are using your strongest skills available in order to deal as high damage as possible in your turn and give the special skills its time needed because they will go in cool down after being used and this is to prevent the abusing of the special abilities.

Increase your skills powers by using the Diamonds from Lost Survivor hack to apply the necessary upgrades to it and enjoy the unlimited power!

Read The Battle Reports Carefully to Fix the Common Issues.

After each combat there will be as mall report to let you know exactly about every small detail that happened in the battle, first thing is the experience points and the level increment followed by the amount of damage that you have dealt and also the health points lost due to the attacks dealt by the opponent, use the Lost Survivor cheats to be able to afford new armors which will simply decrease the incoming damage and increase your chances of winning the combats.

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