Lode Runner 1 Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Lode Runner 1 Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Getting The Lode Runner 1 Cheats is something very important for Your Progress in The game.

An interesting game that will take you back in the time where we have used to play games on the Nintendo, this game is very similar to the games over there that we have used to play, run and jump from one ladder to another and collect the given mission to unlock the exit door and escape the hell hole you are trapped in, get Lode Runner 1 cheats for higher chances of surviving.

Lode Runner 1 was created by the famous NEXON COMPANY and they have released it on the Android and IOS platforms.

Quick Intro to The Game Features.

In this game everything is so simple and there are almost no complications, so you should not be expecting a long tutorial having all the details of the game explained so in this version of the Lode Runner 1 guide we will be doing it in a very unique way so stay tuned and keep on reading to its end for the highest income of knowledge related to the game.

At first lets enter the settings menu and take a look over the features which are adjustable and you could simply modify them according to your own taste, first thing is the enabling or disabling the game music and sounds with a single tap over the check box, and second important feature that each game should be including is supporting several languages for the none English speakers and that is exactly what this game has done, you can change the main language of the game by choosing between several available global languages, and at the end if you have ever encountered any problem do not hesitate to contact the customer support section.

Gameplay in Depth.

That was our introduction about the game features and now should proceed next to let you become aware of the importance of competing at the leaderboards section, climb from one point to another simply by following the given Lode Runner 1 tips from our team, the mission to become the greatest player ever is hard but we shall make it much easier and smooth out the way for you.



Choose Your Preferred Playing Mode.

There are several playable game modes to choose form but in this version we will just go through the classic game as it is the only mode that will be available for you as a new player in the game, the further you progress in the stages the more modes will get unlocked, unlock new stages by passing one over one, and now we can simply pause for few minutes as you should be prepared for the next section as it will contain all the details of the controls and how to react in the various situations at the game.

Simple Controls for Beginners.

To move around in the various directions, you can use the arrows pad on the left corner down there, each arrow is indicating the direction that will be taking your character to, always try to collect the fire balls on the floor, as this is actually your main goal, and once you collect all of them the exit door will get unlocked allowing you to move from one point to another.

At the end of the stage you can find the summary of your performance over there, increase your states simply with help of Lode Runner 1 cheats Easily.

Many Opportunity Will Get Unlocked with Lode Runner 1 Hack Service.

AS you progress further in the stages at the game, everything will become more complicated and your mission will not be only based around collecting the fire balls, actually there are more challenges so you need to be smart if you wanted to survive, use the fireballs to create fire cracks into the buildings as you have to demolish them out to let the watch dogs fall into them while they are chasing you down, get extra help from Lode Runner 1 hack before anyone else out there and write your name down at the top of the leaderboard easily.


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