Legend of Nine Tails Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Legend of Nine Tails Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Select Your Desired Number of Diamonds and Receive It Instantly by using The Legend of Nine Tails Cheats for Free!

This is the first time that we see an MMO game that is built around the famous story of the human and celestial foxes, so if you have ever read this great story then defiantly this game was created for you and you will be enjoying it to its maximum potential, but still even if you have no idea about it, right here we will be going through all of the game details including the storyline.

We got to admit that the 3D experience was outstanding and surpassed all our expectations, it is actually great and they have done great job at adding all of these effects and characters animations as it felt so real, anyway just let’s head directly to the main source of diamonds inside the game and save the time, put your hands over the Legend of Nine Tails cheats and watch your stock of diamonds increasing and rising high very fast with a simple click.

Legend of Nine Tails was created and published via “Ujoy” company and they have made it available to be downloaded on the Android or IOS devices.


Read the notice announcement at the starting of the game because you can find there the latest changes that has been applied to the game and the changes that will be taking place in the next update.

And now let’s move the second part which is the server selection, make sure that you are choosing as server that is close to where you live as much as possible because this will reduce the latency and improve the playing experience, more Legend of Nine Tails tips can be found here.

Heroes Overview and Helping New Players to Know Exactly Which One Should They Pick.

Coming now the character creation and it is our duty to give our readers a preview over the several classes available to pick one from them, let’s start with the summoner, as her main powers are based around summoning several creatures and using the nature around her for her advantage, so expect to get hit from anything around you as the nature is serving this class perfectly and you do not want to mess out with the nature of course.



Watch Us from The Berserker in Melee Combats.

Second class is the berserker, a melee and balanced class that has a medium attack damage and medium defense but still is very strong in close combat but when it comes to ranged ones, this class will see very dark days and moments we do not recommend it for these battles, read more about the rest of the classes by finishing our special edition of Legend of Nine Tails guide.

Enchanter Is at Your Service!

Third Hero is the enchanter, she is very talented and colorful hero that is shining and very strong in the ranged battles, she is mainly using her magical bard to eliminate her enemies, and also by doing combo attacks so her damage will increase rapidly so no one will simply stand a chance against her.

Last but not least is the Exorcist, but this hero is mainly based on the critical strikes, so the luck is playing a big role here and we do not recommend it for the unlucky players, use the Legend of Nine Tails cheats to forget about the luck part and you would be guaranteed 100% that your damage will be high enough to eliminate your enemies.

Use The Legend of Nine Tails Hack to Upgrade Your Heroes Easily.

Welcome to QInqqie, prepare to meet Tao Heng the new assistant of yours, she will be giving your first mission so check the mission log on the top left corner to complete it and receive awesome rewards in return, but with the Legend of Nine Tails hack your needs for these rewards shall be down to its lowest possible level.


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