INTRUDERS: Robot Defense Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

INTRUDERS: Robot Defense Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Intruders Robot Defense Cheats Are Right There to Get You Them Coins and Unlock the Rest of the Game Features!

Protect your base at any cost by beating the time frame and bringing your strategies to the life and show them how a real commander reacts in the different battle challenges, stop the enemies from getting to your shores and use all the given power and also increase it to stop stronger opponents from getting right to your base, using the Intruders Robot Defense cheats would be the best solution to reach the powers you have always dreamt of.

the Intruders Robot Defense was created and published by “Mustplay Games Private Limited” company and you can be downloading it through any Android or IOS devices.

Prevent The Enemies from Entering Your Base at Any Cost!

The enemies have attacked the base at the starting scene and you will have to be doing whatever takes in order to stop them and protect the base so take the charge of the given troops and deploy them in the right positions, give them instructions and stop the attack eventually, in the Intruders Robot Defense guide we will be going through the various stages and problems, tap on the start button located at the bottom right side of the screen.

Intruders Robot Defense Hack Is the Right Decision for Achieving Greatness!

airstrikes will be eliminating all your enemies instant so remember to use it only when the battle gets complicated and you cannot escape the place, and your main goal is not allowing the enemies get inside your own base and in order to perform it correctly, follow our Intruders Robot Defense tips and do not mess up with any part, and as soon as you complete a mission successfully and provide the base with the necessary protection there will be awesome rewards waiting for you to pick up and it includes the following: experience points to help you with advancing into higher levels and unlock more features and abilities from inside, but also the Intruders Robot Defense hack will be completing this part by providing you with them coins which can be used to purchase the unlocked features without having to worry about the cost.


Game Opening Scenes.

at the starting scene of your first battle there will be some few features you should be paying attention to but they cannot be ignored as they are the main basics of the game so far, on the left top side of the screen you will be seeing the energy counter as it will be used father on in order to deploy many defenses and if you want to increase it rapidly, then you should be killing as many enemies as possible, or use the Intruders Robot Defense cheats as well as it will be serving the same purpose without having to go through the killing part.

Deploy Your Defenses According to Your Plane.

Deploying defenses will happen once you tap on the platform and defenses locations placed all the road through the base so tap on it and choose between the given list of four different defenses each one will come at a cost so the more you killing at the round the better your defense will get but do not forget that the game difficulty mechanism is right on point, as it will be matching up your powers and skills with the powers of the opponent in order to deliver a balanced fun battle.

Also another way to enhanced the defenses is by using and controlling the commander so he will be shooting all the enemies getting into his sight of attack without mercy.

Quick Strategies.

Once you have done with deploying your tactics and bringing your strategic plans to life tap on the start button so the enemies would start coming in, we would recommend you to take your time to revise the plans before starting to ensure the victory, but also whilst the battle is going on, start deploying more defenses with the energy points you have gained from eliminating the waves.

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