Infinity Alive Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Infinity Alive Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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One of the most promising ACTION RPG, simply become the justice warrior on the earth as you will work hard as much as possible to put an end to the evil powers which are invading the plane that we knew, get the Infinity Alive cheats to have enough power to resist them out.

Infinity Alive was created and published by “onehandgames” company and it is available on Android and IOS platforms.

Outstanding Storyline.

As the game begins in the loading menu, there will be a quick message indicating that the game data may by deleted entirely in case you have deleted the game, but right here in our Infinity Alive guide we will be figuring out several ways to keep you into the game and save the time and effort that you have spent.

Tap anywhere to begin to see the storyline words, As the war between VIOBLAIN angels and NIFLHEIM devils, despite the fierce battle, the war on the battlefield which is not caused by the sheer power of the two sides, always repeats without a single winner. But one day the devils of NIFLHEIM are received the news that ancient’s god`s powerful legacy is hided in the Midgard, world of human the devils are try to seize god`s relic and change the thousand war between VIOLBAIN and Niflheim.

Therefore, the angels of VIOBLAIN defend the relic against the devils, they are determined to send female warrior “Valkyrie” to the ground but while the Valkyrie making her way through, the heaven`s door for execution of command, something accident happened to her. Finally, she falls to the ground with most of her power was lost with a help of blue eyed human who have been called by the Angels, Valkyrie recovered and went on the mission again. The mission Valkyrie descended down to Midgard. Powerless has to protect the legacy of the ancient god from the evil force until the VIOBLAIN come down to support her.



Simple Storyline.

Previously we been speaking about the storyline and the start of the game, this guy had an order from the heaven to protect the artifact of the human world from the evil force, as the Valkyrie was descending down to follow the order and bring justice back to the planet earth, do not skip any of our Infinity Alive tips that will be found over here.

This is a cursed forest area, there are monsters around here so let’s defeat them out, let’s look around and right now the basics of the game shall be shown directly into your screen without any hesitation, we tend to prevail all of the game features out.

Starting Combat Scene.

Now do not worry at the starting phase as the movement and combat scenes shall be happening automatically, just leave the device do whatever is given, you can always skip this introduction by tapping on the skip button on the top right corner.

Some of monsters will have guts, so you have to try to use some special attacking skills such as the cleave skill to defeat the strong and stubborn enemies, of course your damage output shall increase and improve as you progress into the game and with the Infinity Alive cheats this should become such a guaranteed move.

Unlock New Gears with The Infinity Alive Hack!

Your special skills will be shown right at the bottom left corner, and there will be a cool down period after using it, also knowing that there is a herd of monsters are coming in certain directions, this should not surprise or scare you out, try to collect holly bullets as they will deal massive damage to the groups of enemies.

These holly bullets will be gained through special shops or in such rare places, we simply would recommend using the Infinity Alive hack to have whatever you want without worrying anymore about the cost of it.


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