Ice Cream Drop Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Ice Cream Drop Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

By using the Ice Cream Drop cheats, you can now get free cups of gold coins!

Ice Cream Drop is released on 23 May 2016, as the game was created and developed by Retro Dreamer.

Ice Cream Drop is now available for free to download on the App Store for the Apple devices, starting from the firmware of IOS 6.0 and higher as it is compatible with the IPhone, IPad, and IPod touch.

And Android Devices.

Use the Ice Cream Drop cheats to help you to get free gold coins.


Simple things will make the game more adorable!

When you first open Ice Cream Drop for the first time on your mobile device, you will realize that there is a moving background at the main menu of the game, as it really looks very cool to start a game with that impression, as this little idea can make many players love the game.


Easiest game controls of your entire lifetime!

The score in this game is so easy to understand as your kid will play it on his own without any kind of lateral help from the elder, as you only have to swipe your device in the left direction to move your character to the left, then swipe back to the right direction to move again your character to the right direction, as you can just tap on your screen, anywhere on the screen to instantly start a game.

Your main job is to get points by falling out from random platforms, as Ice Cream Drop is consists of different platforms and they are opened only in a specific part of each platform, and you have to fall through it to go to the next one, and so on.

There are two kinds of the platform, the first one is the ordinary platform, which is a static one that can not move or change its opening area, and there is the moving platforms which are moving in the right direction or in the left direction.



Collecting three stars at each game is a priority!

Each level that you will play at the Ice Cream Drop, at the end of the game, the Ice Cream Drop guide will tell you your main quests that you will have to achieve, if you loses that level, so for example, when you play your first level, the Ice Cream Drop tips will tell you that you have to score more than thousand points in a single level, you also have to fall through the gap in a platform without landing on it first, and last but not least you have to collect twenty hold coins in a single level as well, as each one of those will give you a star, and you have to get all the stars which are three for each level in Ice Cream Drop.

Do not forget that you can always use the Ice Cream Drop cheats to help you through the dark times.



Focus and avoid the obstacles!

There are so many obstacles that you will face in Ice Cream Drop, as there is a wisp moving in a specific platform, as the Ice Cream Drop tips will warn you about it several platforms earlier before it comes, as it is moving left and right, and if you touch it with your character, you will die immediately and start again from the beginning.


Use the Ice Cream Drop hack; you stop the annoying ads in the game!

There are also the obstacles which can block your way and prevent you from moving into a single direction, so what you have to do is to move to the opposite direction, as when you move towards the side of your device’s screen, you will be at the opposite direction from the way that you came, so use this technique when you find yourself stuck and do not know where to go.

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