Hero Academy 2 Tactics game Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Hero Academy 2 Tactics game Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Hero Academy 2 Cheats Will Be Granting You an Access to All Them Cards and Unlock Almost Every Single Feature in The Game So Far.

A place where only the sword or magic’s are ruling using all the possible amount of materials and powers to challenge up all your friends in order to show them who has the best tactics and highest quality of controlling the field at the battle, also do not forget the Hero Academy 2 cheats as it will be supporting up your journey with the necessary powers to become the top of the world in very short time frame.

Hero Academy 2 was created by the “Robot Entertainment” company and it can be simply downloaded on your IOS or Android devices.

Game Introduction.

Start the game by either logging in by a previous account if you had played the game before or maybe even create a new one and enter a name for your character that you will be using in the upcoming game saves, but we will always wonder how will you be able to become a decent captain and what are your plans for creating and commanding the greatest heroes all over the world!

Your First Test Is Right Here!

but now we shall see how things will go once you meet magister Alberic which will be waiting for you on the battlefield. the footman is preparing all his soldiers and commanding them to move and take attack position as you are being outnumbered, but this is actually a trap which would be dealing 3 damage to all of the enemy heroes and destroying the KD`d heroes in a row instantly once activated so watch out from such traps before proceeding forward, but now here in the Hero Academy 2 guide we shall be teaching you how to turn the battle over your opponent.

Follow The Headmaster for Further Instructions.

the headmaster will be your main man at the starting scenes of the battle so it is recommended to be following his steps with caution, the first lesson we got is the movement/

in order to move a soldier from one place to another square, drag your own soldier to the desired location to get closer to an enemy so it would be performing an attack, remember that they can be attacking on the monsters on his attack range in other words the monsters that can be attacked must be in the surrounded four squares around your soldier, but this will not apply to the ranged heroes as they can be attacking from a distance and do not have to get any closer to the opponent, remember to enhance up your line up with the Hero Academy 2 cheats for free.

Improve Your Cards Powers Using Hero Academy 2 Hack.

since this is a turn based game so once you are done with doing all the attacks on each heroes you have got on the field, you will never be able to do any further moves so simply press on the End Turn button located on the bottom right side of the screen, and also try to predict the upcoming cards and moves from the opponent so you would be doing something to stop the invasion, use the given cards at the bottom to deploy stronger monsters and get stronger to be able to last longer in the combats or maybe even take control over it with smart moves, the cards can be obtained as soon as you put your hands on the Hero Academy 2 hack!


Keep Your Crystal Safe.

here are some few quick Hero Academy 2 tips to aid you though the struggles, first thing to put in mind that once the hero attacks all of its remaining attacking points will be simply used up so be careful with the attacking frequency, and also you do not have to keep summoning heroes on the field, there are some fantastic cards which can be dealing direct damage into your opponent and take it down and as long as your crystal is safe I guess everything else will be fine.

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