Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

This is an arcade game, it was created and published by “Vivid Games SA” the game was released on 23 December, 2015.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to save the world from the massive attack from such amount of enemies who wants to invade your world, also using the Godfire Rise of Prometheus cheats will provide you with all the packs you want to be able to start the game easily and to be supplied with all the items you need.

The Elimination of Fears That Lives Inside The Humans!

Cast you gaze upon them, humans.

Formed from tears and dust, they are missing the one thing that would eliminate their fears and give them true strength.

A single spark of godfire to ignite their bodies and spirits, yet the god protect their secret to the very last.

The spark alone will not be all I take from them, so this the time to prove your skills at fighting and to defeat hundreds of enemies, and finally make sure to read all of our Godfire Rise of Prometheus tips we are going to mention in the next titles to understand the game before you even start it.

Learn The Basic Game Control By Following The Tutorial!

In order to understand how to play with your character make sure to read our Godfire Rise of Prometheus guide, to perform normal attacks just tap on the sword button, and to perform a combo just start tapping quickly, hold the shield button to block any of your enemy attacks, to start evade just tap on the evasion button, there are also some skills you can use to eliminate enemies easier, and also don’t forget to use them on the different bosses you are going to face because they will not be easily defeated.

Discover The World By Moving Freely Around To Solve The Different Puzzles!

The most enjoyable part of this game, you can always play on your own, you can always discover whats hidden in the map on your own, by doing so you will be facing a lot of puzzles to solve and by solving them you will be awarded with some rare and strongest items in the game, you will also be able to see and watch the different technologies of the game that you won`t be able to see if you only followed the story of the game, and finally make sure to get the extra help from the Godfire Rise of Prometheus cheats to be able to get the different packs of the game to help you progress faster.

Customize All of Your Gear To Become Unbeatable!

In this game you can always upgrade the different items you are going to find to be able to dodge the enemies easier and to defend yourself against them, by upgrading you gear you will be able to fight against these strong bosses of the game that you are going to find while progressing in the story of the game, so make sure to upgrade your weapons and your skills, also discover the new skills that exists in the game and apply them on your enemies to curse them and to defeat them easy.

Obtain The Godfire Rise of Prometheus Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you cannot start the game because of the lack of the items, if you cannot progress in the game and can’t defeat the different enemies and bosses of the game, the game is getting harder because the enemies are getting stronger and yet you didn’t upgrade your weapons or skills, using the Godfire Rise of Prometheus hack will provide you with the different packs that will give you a lot of items to use in the beginning of the game, also make sure to get the help from the power ups that exists in the game, but also notice that it can only be used once before every game.

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