Gem Star Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Gem Star Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

With the Gem Star cheats, you can now get unlimited moves and beat anyone!

Gem Star was released on 8 June 2017, Gem Star is now available for free to download for all the Android devices from firmware of just 2.3.3 and higher through Google Play, the game is also available for free to download through the Appstore for all the Apple devices starting from the IOS 8, however there are in game purchases that you can buy gold coins needed to use them inside the game, or you can always use the Gem Star cheats to get those gold coins for free, and then you do not have to worry about how many moves that you have in order to win the level and move to the next one.

Easy, quick and fun game to play!

Gem Star is a new puzzle game that rely on swapping gems with each other to make a chain of the same gem, which gives you score and a gem update that can do a special taunt, for an example it can explode or remove an entire raw or even a column.

One if the Gem Star tips is to try to get three stars in each game that you play.

A great graphic design!

The most interesting thing ever that I have noticed, that the game has wonderful and beautiful backgrounds as you are in space on an entire different galaxy, and also the Gem Star guide is very helpful as it explains everything in the game.



Compete with your friends and the whole galaxy!

The best thing in new games generally, and in Gem Star specifically that you can enter the leaderboard much earlier than any other game, because it takes time to be known and to be a famous game around the globe, so be ready to be the greatest, also you can beat your friends by getting lots of gold coins using the Gem Star cheats.

Gem Star really kills the time!

If you are a fan of this kind of these games, you will be very happy with that game, as it kills the time if you are bored or waiting for something to happed, you may also forget what you were waiting for, because the game will take you somewhere else beyond your imagination.

The longer chain you make, the higher your score gets.

Try to focus and remember to make a longer chain of the same gem, not just three similar gems next to each other, like that you will lose easily as your moves are limited, but if you use the Gem Star hack, you do not have to worry about that indeed.

Try more abilities by using the Gem Star hack like swapping and blasting bombs!

The game now offers abilities to use, or to buy them to be specific, the first ability is the first one located at the left side of your device’s screen, as it can get you five more moves to use them for 10 gold coins, the next ability is called the swapping which you can replace any kind of gems to make the longest chain, or when you are trapped and looking for a way out, then there is the blaster which blast a gem of your choice on the entire screen, and of course it is better than swapping unless you are a pro and knows what you are doing, then last but not least you have the diamond bomb that is a 3 mile radius gem blaster and you can buy it for 15 gold coins as it is the most expensive one here in the game.

Always remember that you can save your money and get all of those for free, using the Gem Star hack and make the longest chain that the human race can make.

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