Extreme Gear Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Extreme Gear Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Limitless Credits Are Waiting for You to Be Claimed for Free Using the Extreme Gear Demolition Arena Cheats!

A new game of its type as you will be using cars and latest generation of cars but not to race with them, the goal is actually different this time as you will be using them to cause chaos and destruction to other cars in the arenas, crush your opponents and take them out one by one to become the king of the battle arena.

Start inviting your friends into the game to increase the challenge and beat them to the top of the leaderboards as this will be your certification to your highly talented skills, use the Extreme Gear Demolition Arena cheats to fully customize your vehicle and make it an unstoppable machine that will get through any obstacle and still survive the toughest times.

Extreme Gear Demolition Arena was created and published by “Greenlight Games” company and it is available to be downloaded Either on Android or IOS.

Welcome to The Destruction Arena!

Welcome in Extreme Gear Demolition Arena! The game main goal is to destroy your opponent at any cost by smashing them with your own car by gaining speed and suddenly hit them at their weakest point, do not worry if your car is destroyed it will get automatically respawned in the perfect shape and all the scratches and damages will be fixed, start a new game by hitting the Destroy!!! Button at the top of the list, keep on reading the Extreme Gear Demolition Arena guide to get a boost ahead of any new player.

Choose The Suitable Mode.

Enter the Destroy Menu and choose the desired mission to play in, there will be more missions waiting for you to explore out but it is required from you to gain the required level to get them unlocked, reading our important Extreme Gear Demolition Arena tips on how to achieve the highest levels as fast as possible is something every new beginner should be doing.

But for now let’s select an arena level and tap on the launch button to enter the first challenge ever and live the heat of the battle.



Simple Driving Controls.

The car driving controls will be covered with details right here so after completing the read of this segment it is expected from you to be fully ready to operate at the highest level possible.

Looking at the bottom right corner you can find two pedals, one is responsible for the forward acceleration and other one is for working in both ways the first is to reverse movement and other one is about braking and slowing down the car speed but we will never be using it since the game is based around driving fast and crashing.

Obtain New Cars with Extreme Gear Demolition Arena hack.

For each car you will be destroying there will be a point counter at the top increasing, and this will not be only increasing if you complete destroy a car only, it will be counting the damage for each hit, but make sure you are checking your car statues on the left side of the screen, as there will be a detailed report about the car and how close is it from getting completely ruined, remember to upgrade the car you are driving or maybe even unlock new ones with the usage of Extreme Gear Demolition Arena hack right before anyone else.

Learn How to Unlock New Arenas and features Easily.

At the end of each game you gain credits you can use to unlock more content like cars or arenas, furthermore you gain experiencing points, some contents are available only if you reach a minimum required level to get them unlocked, but do not worry much about what was just said above here as once you get along using the Extreme Gear Demolition Arena cheats, you will be unlocking all of the locked features and simply getting any number of credits easily.

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