Empire and Clan Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Empire and Clan Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Limitless Energy and Extra Resources Could Be Obtained Easily with The Empire and Clan Cheats for Free!

A Turn based game that you could have encountered similar games to it through the market but actually what is making this game unique compared to any other game is the storyline, we can finally tell that we have found a game that would take us deep into a true story and events happening around us that will snatch out minds from its place, and to add the spice flavor the gameplay tries the Empire and Clan cheats and forget about the challenge cost forever combined with some extra help.

Empire and Clan was created by “Reality Squared Games” company and it is available on the Android and IOS.

Choose Between Two Main Characters.

At the starting of the game there will be few decisions you must be doing in order to proceeded to the actual gameplay successfully and in our Empire and Clan guide we will do our best to try to explain things out as much as possible for you and help you with your decision making action.

There are 2 available characters to choose in between, the first one is the prince of the Clan his famous quote was “I swear to the ancestors of the clans to safeguard the peace and order of the clans, no matter how strong the foes will be, no matter how many challenges I will have to take, even if this is a winding road which is full of miseries even though I will have to sacrifice my life, I shall not be deterred as I always believe my father`s soul will bless me”.

Storyline of The Princess of Clan.

And now we moving to the second character Aimee the princess of the empire, her story that she has told us so far was the following “when I was a child, Tsarinas is a city of joy, until that day when the greedy barbaric orcs invaded our homes. peace has been broken since then, god please punish those evil orcs! I also pray for Duke Levs who is fighting for the empire by himself!”

And now as you have read the full stories behind the two main characters of the game the time has come to give them a nickname that will represent you through the battles.



A walkthrough.

Let’s take a walk through the gameplay and discover new parts of the game and try to deliver the exact experience of the gameplay itself, starting from the stage one where you will begin your first battle ever so stay tuned!

The first battle begins between you and the sword cavalryman since they are trying to stop you from reaching your destination, and they are looking forward to see if the descendants of the tribes are as useless as their glorious ancestors or not, so the time has come to teach them a lesson that they would never forget, follow our Empire and Clan tips now in the combat to ensure that victory will become your ally there.

Flips Cards and Receive Your Reward.

For each battle you winning successfully you will be earning 3 stars but this is also coming back to your performance in the combat, you can flip 3 cards and one extra card for the VIP, you must be quick as possible in the cards selection because if you ever ran out of time you will lose the chance to flip them, use the Empire and Clan cheats as well to substitute all of the items that you would get someday.

Enjoy Playing the Game Without Limits with Empire and Clan Hack.

Before each time you will be stepping into the battle you should be aware of the challenge cost, that is something the game creators have added in order to restrict the players from playing the game limitlessly and if you want extra energy points to become able to fight once more then you must pay a visit to the shop, but with the Empire and Clan hack this problem has been solved for good and now you are no longer in need to waste your money through the shop.

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