The Empire of Angels IV Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Review

The Empire of Angels IV Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Review

Get The Different Resources By Using The Empire of Angels IV Cheats!

This is a strategy game, it was created and published by “SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC.” the game was released on 13 Feb, 2017. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to save the world from the Namtar, also make sure to use the Empire of Angels IV cheats to give you extra help with providing you with all the resources you need to become stronger.


Story Line Of The Game!

The kingdom of Valkyrie and Otherworld defeated Bennavych the carrerist in the Realm war. The battle won was still praised upon by the later generations. Under the wise rule of Empress Vista.  Once led asgard onto a road of peace and prosperity. However, the tides turned, they weren’t wise rulers, and so the foundation of the kingdom weakened. The new Valkyrie Empress, sought to sanction the rising kingdom of mentu to the east, with military strength. The sanction incited huge resistance from the Kingdom of Mentu and the lord of Mentu declared independence and appointed herself the Empress, the two kingdoms faced a serious confrontation throwing the whole Asgard into chaos. War was ended in a armistice after only a short year seemed to gradually reclaim its peace after the armistice however, their war waged on underneath the table, and with the extra help of the Empire of Angels IV tips you are going to rule the world, don’t forget to use the Empire of Angels IV cheats to supply you with the different resources during your fights.


Namtar Fever Is Todays Plague Name!

A year ago there was a sudden outbreak of a mysterious plague among the people. The infected would change into frenzied bloodthirsty monsters randomly attacking nearby villages and creatures. The world named the plague “Namtar Fever” while the people struggled on in misery. A “Namtar Investigation Team” was formed to handle this type of incidents, so make sure to do your best to find all the blood seekers, and finally make sure to read our Empire of Angels IV guide to totally understand the game before you even start it.


Meet Your Lifetime And Your Investigation Team Mate Leona!

Niya will start the conversation and say damn we are late…there are more and more civilians fell to the Namtar Fever..  and Leona will reply with it doesn’t look good. The central headquarters still knows very little regarding the source and the method of transmission of Namtar Fever. And Niya will then continue speaking with is sacrificing civilian lives to buy time the only way? But Leona will say to her that Niya.. you didn’t head my advice and insisted on joining the investigation team. Are you sacred now? But Niya will reply with no I have you and Kristian with me. I won’t disappoint you, but suddenly too many Namtar lurkers here and started to attack them both


Fight All The Lurking Namtars And Prove Your Skills!

Now the first battle begins, choose a character and click on desired position, the battle tutorial begins now. You can press ESC and call up “Game Tutorials” in the system menu at any time for all tutorials in case you miss out. The blue girds on the terrain indicate the movement range in battle. Click on any cell to move. If the girds are unclear, tap ALT to enable terrain grid lines. Tap again to disable. Your controlling character is displayed on the top left, and your team members are in the list on the right. Click on different members to switch to that character, also make sure you read our Empire of Angels IV tips to know more about the game controls.

Put Your Hands On The Empire of Angels IV Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you are running out of your time, you cannot update your fighting skills, and also you cannot fight the different bosses of the Namtar’s, make sure to use the Empire of Angels IV hack to be able to unlock new features and provide you with the resources you need to become stronger and beatable and also to find the most suitable cure for all the infected civilians.

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