Drift car city traffic racer Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Drift car city traffic racer Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Very Realistic racing experience that gets you down into the streets with all of the outside conditions such as the traffic and random cars moving around, so your mission to race or even beat any opponent out is going to be hard due to the conflictions and interference from the outside world and that is the most entertaining part about the game, there are more features that we didn’t mention yet so keep reading this article and remember to put your hands on  Drift car city traffic racer cheats now to have them resoruces without any limit for free, coming to the usage of resources and how to spend them would be found later here.

Drift car city traffic racer was created and released by “SuperPitaya” company and you can start downloading it right away on your Android or IOS device.

Game Settings.

There are many settings you can take control Ove rand modify, but you wouldn’t know exactly how does they work and what is the most suitable settings for your device, but this is our Drift car city traffic racer guide to make all of these customizable settings clear for the normal person usage.

First thing we got here is the blurring effect and this effect will be consuming lot from your graphics card on the device we do not recommend it much as it only works perfectly once you turn on the No2 booster.

Increase or Decrease the Graphics Level Depending On Your Device Hardware.

The second thing is the Graphics quality wither you want it high or medium, and starting with the high graphics level and play the game for a while to see exactly how the device is going to react, if you ever found any lagging or stuttering then jump back to the medium level.

Last thing but no least is the music or sound volume level, you can take the bar button and move it deep to the left side in order to turn off the game music/sound but that is coming back to you, we personally recommend you to keep them on.

Game Controls.

Controls are a big concern to almost everyone, so they would be asking questions about how does the game controls look like inside the game before they even download it, that is why we will be giving you Drift car city traffic racer tips about the controls and which one would be suiting you the most.

At the opening scene of the first race ever, you will get to choose between two modes so pick up your favorite controlling operating mode depending on the pictures illustrated in front of you.

Choose Between On Screen Buttons or The G-Sense!

The first option in the controlling menu is the G-Sense, and of course the majority doesn’t exactly understand what does G-Sense means, this is the Tilting system, where you have to tilt device in different directions in order to steer the car and change the directions depending on the tilting side, also with Drift car city traffic racer Cheats your cars will get upgraded and improved easily.

This mode major problem is that if you were ever playing the game on the bed or in an inappropriate position, you will never be able to have full control over the device sensor.

The second mode and this is the most common one, and probably the one you will eventually pick is the touch control, two on screen buttons and they will do all the steering for you.

Upgrade and Unlock New Cars Using Drift car city traffic racer Hack for Free.

As you are entering your first tutorial at the game, remember that there will be new cars and much better features you haven’t experience yet, that is why it is wise to get prepared for it using the Drift car city traffic racer hack, once you obtain the hack everything will get better for instance the cars you driving on the street will have much better controlling mechanism and improved stability over all that is simply going to lead to much better gaming experience.

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