Drag Battle racing Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Drag Battle racing Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Receive Tons of Resources by Using the Drag Battle racing cheats for free.

Enjoy one of the greatest street racing games where you will be entering a challenge against other racers in every corner on the street, try to get the Drag Battle racing cheats as it will be getting you the necessary supplies to purchase new cars or upgrade the current ones.

This game was created by “Ice Storm” company and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.


Starting the game at the opening stage where you will find your blue car ready for the race and to get into the streets to show off your driving skills and let everyone know what you are made of exactly, follow our smart Drag Battle racing guide step by step as we will be taking you into a tour to let you know how things are working exactly over there at the game.

Rina will be your assistant in the game as she will introduce you to the gang of drivers and let them know how strong you are, so prepare yourself to be tested out, get your fuel ready, all the newbies you bring have always lost to the great max so he is predicting that you will be such an easy challenge and everything would be smooth, but that is when your role will come to surprise him out.

DO your Best IN Your First Challenge.

And now, enough talk let’s see which one is the best it is either you or max, there must be only one winner to get to the street race, so start lining up and prepare your car.

This part is simply related to the controls and racing techniques which we will be covering them to allow every new beginner at the game to learn and become a pro racer in almost no time and you can consider this a sort of a show off from our team to express how good we are at giving reviews and guides for games.



The Benefits of Warming Up Your Tire.

Before the race starts, keep in mind that warming up the tires is very important, to start the warmup press the gas pedal repeatedly before it begins, keep the RPM in the green zone to warm up the tires, the better the warmup the better the road grip and the better acceleration at the start which will give you quick boost over your opponent and become really winner on the street.

The RPM is located on the left side of the screen and its percentage will increase depending on the warmup quality.

Smart Techniques to Have a Head Boost.

Release the gas pedal to let the RPM return within the green zone, and this is actually an excellent burnout and you will be receiving approximately around 75% extra grip control, right here you shall be finding more Drag Battle racing tips related to the game, in drag racing, a good start is half the battle, A start with optimal RPM will give you a power and clutch bonus, and do not forget to use the Drag Battle racing cheats as it will be letting you get an upgraded car to compete with the top tier players.

Upgrade Your Car with Drag Battle Racing Hack.

Time to shift is the optimal and most important part of the race, correct shifting is critical in a race, early or late shifting results in power losses, once you notice an opponent is overtaking you, click on the button on the left bottom corner as it will instantly activate the nitrous oxide to temporarily boost the engine, Nitro still available! hold button till nitro ended, enter the finish line with confidence and consider adding the Drag Battle racing hack, and try to put your hands over the greatest and smartest rides, and now max has nothing to say but admitting that you have got the talent and you will be going places, they will be rooting for you in today`s race so good luck with such with the top rated races today.

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