DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror Cheats, Hack, Guide And Strategies

DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror Cheats, Hack, Guide And Strategies

DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror Cheats To Delete The Ads!

A brand new 2D horror game, it is new of its kind at the market, get into the adventure and play as the ambitious man called Price, on his way to achieve his goals and dreams with an old woman, you will find yourself that the cost was yourself and your humanity, you will start doing cruel and evil things, get the game now on your Android or IOS device for free, and make sure you are reading the DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror Cheats, Hack, tips and strategies we are providing in the article, Also it’s great to mention that it’s developed by Jesse Makkonen games company.


If you are a big fan of the horror movies and games, then you have probably heard of this game, since it was released on the steam for the pc gamers at 2015, but right now right here, the game has made its way to our pockets, time to enjoy the amazing horror game which is considered to be a new idea for the mobile devices, this game is supported by displaying ads, however if you want to take the ads away you can start using our DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror cheats, which will come in aid by providing you with unlimited resources and take the ads away as well for a better gameplay experience.


What A Cruel And Evil World We Live in!

The game recommends you to use your headphones at the start of the game for optimal gaming experience, at the first mission glance, there is a small box that has few words written at it, we will be sharing these words with you at our DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror guide, “my humanity was for sale, and I sold it, that very moment send me into decay, this is my story, and these are my regrets.” Then a weird sound will come up with a kid standing in the hall with a very far away light coming from a torch or something; also do not forget to use the DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror hack to generate you the required resources.


Very Simple UI for Beginners!

Here we will be discussing the controls of the game, the controlling bar is located at the bottom of the screen, at the very right corner there will be the arrow which will enable you to move on the right direction, and on the opposite is the left arrow, to help you with moving on the left direction, since this is a 2D game the controls are kind of limited, then comes the B O A letters, each one of them has his own purpose, O is for the options menu, and you can edit the subtitles language from the menu, or the dialogue sound, and editing the graphics part by turning the dust and particles on or off, also the FILM GRAIN  you can turn it on or off as well,  and the B button is for opening your Inventory and checking what items do you have there, And A button is for interacting with doors and items.



Search for the Old Lady!

As the first mission begins your search for Mrs. Godwin never stops, you keep searching for her everywhere, so you will start knocking on the doors searching for her, and weird dialogues will run between you and random people, mixed with the scary music running on the background it gives you weird feeling and scary one, since Mrs. Godwin is very famous for her love to Apple pies, so you will start smelling the doors and look for the apple pie smell, using the DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror cheats will enable you to identify the right apartment of her.


Challenging Quests!

Once you find the missing apartment, you will get to talk with her, and she will start begging you for more time before you start doing your mission and take her out of the apartment, she asks for one more weak to pay it, and she will start crying and asking you for mercy, since you have to seize the property, and she will offer you to drink something, then you will ask for a cup of coffee, and then the mission should be completed now, do not forget to start using the DISTRAINT Pocket Pixel Horror hack in order to get yourself the needed resources.

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