Disorder: The Lost Prince Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Disorder: The Lost Prince Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get These Rubies and Premium Account with The Disorder the Lost Prince Cheats for Free!

If you were looking for a unique RPG game that gets you to experience a real Co-op multiplayer feature in a decent way…then we totally recommend you to download the Disorder the Lost Prince game right into your device as it is compatible with the most platforms and of course you should not worry if you are an owner of the IOS or Android powered device.

Create your own unique combos by combining the different given skills together and this will only have meant that the game is giving a big freedom for its players to enjoy it the way they want exactly without putting any restrictions or limits, use the Disorder the Lost Prince cheats for maximum gaming quality.

Enjoy the amazing boss fights in a decent scenario mode so you would not feel that the fights are random or out of the place, lets thank the creators behind this amazing game which is “YJM Games” company.

A Simple Introduction to The Various Available Classes.

The first character we got here is called the Ariel Strider Ranger, she is very quick in attacking and hitting in close combats, her long range attacks can reach any place in the battle field, leaving her enemies helpless and begging for mercy.

But the main issue for this character is the low defense so make sure that you are keeping a fair amount of distance from the enemies and take them down as fast as possible before they reach you and start dealing massive damage to you, it is recommended to read the given Disorder the Lost Prince guide.



The Southern Witch Pros and Cons.

Second Class is Lunar is the Southern Witch, while close battles are not her strongest point, she deals fire and lightning with her alchemy, her powerful magic attacks vanish her enemies quickly, this class was created especially for the purpose of dealing very high damage to the opponents and lethally eliminate and threat without even blinking an eye but this class suffers as well from the low defense and specially the melee combats will get you down in very few attacks so follow the same given Disorder The Lost Prince tips previously here to ensure your safety.

The Sword Master Is Ready at Your Service.

Last but not least is Karina the sword master, she is a fighter using a one handed weapon and a shield in the other hand to block the attacks and increase the defense significantly, her reach is short but her speed is very fast that you wouldn’t even notice her movements and slashes, her right minded personality and her direct and power attack cannot be stopped by anyone, this class is perfect for becoming a tank and give a space for his ranged attackers on the back to deal high damage to the opponents whilst he is receiving all the incoming attacks, upgrade the defenses on this character with the Rubies obtained through Disorder The Lost Prince cheats right away.



Make Sure That You Are Arriving On Time to Check the Daily Attendance and Receive a Reward in Return.

There is a small attendance check that will grant you a daily award for every day you are opening the game, make sure that you are opening it every 24 hours even though if you were not planning to play it.

On the top left corner, you can keep yourself updated with the daily mission box, as there will be a given mission related to the game and it requires from you to have an active internet connection to get it updated.

Getting the Disorder, The Lost Prince Hack Will Ensure You to Receive the Latest Gears Available.

Send invitations to your friends to join you in this amazing multiplayer game and complete missions together in this ultimate co-op mode, do not forget that you will be having an upper hand over any of your friends due to the help of Disorder the Lost Prince hack.

Enjoy the premium account and any number of rubies you select from the drop down list by clicking on the link above here, make your dream come to reality.


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