Dictator 2 Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Dictator 2 Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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A new version of the famous old game the dictator has finally arrived, this was considered to be one of the best game that covers all of the strategic tactics, prepare yourself to play as a very young dictator whom is taking over a country at someplace on the planet and removing the democratic republic entirely from the system, and actually, people started to get jealous now because you are wielding a huge amount of power and no one can stop you now because of it.

Remember to make wise decisions because a wrong one from a man that is in your position will totally lead to a huge disaster, and once a your country starts to shine up and see the light try to lead the huge civilization around you to a new horizon, so remember that your main task in this game is to remain the strongest dictator in the realm for as long as possible and never give up to any threats, eliminate your enemies and proceed further by never looking behind, consider using the Dictator 2 Cheats to get Tyrants which will be used later on to apply certain purchases and upgrades.

Dictator 2 was created and published by “Tigrido” company and it is available to be downloaded on any device that is powered by Android or IOS operating systems freely.

Gameplay Walkthrough.

At the first we must let the readers know that our Dictator 2 guide will simply cover the smallest details of the game so you should be expecting to read about almost every single feature inside, even the options menu as well.

make sure that you are using your own Facebook account to login with through the game, and let me list out the features and benefits which would come back to you once you use it.

First feature that will become available for you is the saving system, it will change from the device saving mode to a cloud saving as all your data and progress will be linked up with this account that you have used to login, and this will allow you to keep it safe and easily access it from any other device in case you have lost the game data or changed the device that you have used to play to play on, one of the other great features are the ability of sending invitations to your friends easily by simply tapping on their name and boom, the invitation will be sent right away to them so they could join the game with you and of course you will be having the edge over them with the Dictator 2 cheats.



More Details About the Game Features.

And now as we have covered the login benefits and how important it will be affecting you’re playing experience, so the time has come to enter the game with more details right at our backs, choose between the campaign and scenarios modes, they are both available to pick up from, and right here in this review we will be taking both of them to let you know which one would suit you playing style the most.

At this section, this will be the first part of the campaign mode, and you should know mar Decatur that your treacherous uncle has organized a coup, and you must urgently teach this mutinous one a lesson!

This will be your first mission ever, but first you must be aware of the various UI items and features so you could know how to use it for your own good, take a look at the top bar as you will notice a scale of reputation, each card has its price indicated in the crosshair of the reputations, use the Dictator 2 cheats to increase your reputation points to its highest possible number with few clicks.

Combat Mechanism Explained with Details.

For each enemy you will be entering, you can see a two faces facing each other at the middle of the screen, and there you will be able to find your enemy`s condition, to win you can either defeat all of the opponent’s units or terminate the enemy`s dictator right from the screen, so pick up an available card from the bottom side of the screen right to the field of battle, and this was the most basic move to be executed at the combat scene but that is not the end we will get right into the strategic moves and attacking skills, so make sure that you are following every Dictator 2 tips which are provided by our team for the readers.

Choose your card that you have just placed and drag it onto the enemy card to complete an attack, and once you are done with your turn tap on the complete turn button so your opponent will take his chance to either fight back or enhance his defenses much more so he could survive for longer periods until the chance comes so he could strike you back.




Chase The Victory to Become the Greatest Dictator Ever Lived.

Victory is something that everyone with ambition will be chasing down and seeking for, so once you successfully and heroically defend the Tyrania from the coup, everyone would love you and become a fan of your leadership.

and now you have shown them who is the boss around here, and this will be your first decision ever to choose between two options in order to take down this dictator whom became your prisoner, there are two options, the first one is choosing to seize his golden limousine from him or lowering him in rank from generals to colonels, and that is totally up to you, but after all do not forget to have the Dictator 2 hack by your side in order to survive through the big challenges.

You should know that you are a young dictator, of a democratic state in the Indian ocean, your goal stays in power as long as possible to expand your holdings, and no one will help you in such a mission better than the Dictator 2 hack.

Deal with The Six Factions Easily with Help of Dictator 2 hack.

Here you can find the main features of the game, browse the map by sliding it to the left or right or change the magnification as you would love to.

And now we will let you know how to manage the regions based on the example of your own country, try to have a good defensive system because this game is based around six factions, which are located before you with whom you must deal the police the people the oligarch the army the opposition and the mafia, all of these factions we mentioned before are something you should put in your mind before doing any move because the consequences are actually scary. and now resolve the problem with appropriate faction, choose one of two variants. be careful any move you make will reflect upon your popularity with this and the other factions, and with the Dictator 2 hack you will be feeling with much more improved power.


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