Dark Sword Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Dark Sword Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Free Souls and Stamina Can Be Obtained Via the Dark Sword Cheats Right Away!

Getting into the world where the chaos and darkness has taken over everything since the dragon has closed the last seal of the light that is coming from the sun, since this moment and everything has been filled with darkness and the evil has been spreading around very fast in all the fields, the time has come for you to take out the darkness forces and at the end kill the dark dragon that caused all of this pain and misery, use the Dark Sword cheats to enhanced up your powers to be able to become a decent opponent to the dragon and eliminate it.

Dark Sword was created and published by “NANOO COMPANY Inc” and it is available to be downloaded on the IOS or Android platforms freely.

Game Story.

in the beginning of this eternal night, the Dark Dragon has stopped the sun light from entering the planet any more, and all the creatures lived in pain and agony and that is the moral of the story, prepare yourself with the necessary information about the game to know what exactly you getting yourself into, and here in our Dark Sword guide we will be expressing every single aspect with details for our readers.

At the main menu you will be seeing the several options available for you to use, at first there is the inventory icon which will be used to upgrade or change the equipment your hero is using and this is a very important section so keep it in your mind as the game once it gets harder or maybe even the loot you collecting from the monsters you killing would come in use, so check the inventory from time to time to see if there is an item that can be used to upgrade your powers.

Check The Inventory to Equip/Unequipped Your hero.

And now after completing missions and looting out the monsters you have killed automatically the amount of your souls and stock will be increasing so paying a visit to the shop to purchase items and equipment needed to keep on going through the different levels and missions in the game without anything to interfere with the enjoyment level you are having, remember that you can be using the Dark Sword cheats to be able to purchase the latest available gears out there for free, and also each item will be purchased shall be moved directly into the inventory section.


Visit The Forum and Solve Your Problems.

One of the most amazing features about this game is the option of entering the forum to communicate with other players from all over the world and share thoughts and ideas together, so if you ever got stuck at certain stage do not hesitate to ask your mates at forums sections.

and also once you believe that your powers are way too high and you can simply dominate anything then why do not you pay a visit to the invitee tower!

it will be increasing your souls by 3 for each floor you clearing out of monsters in the given challenge.

Keep Your Eyes On the Difficulty Level of Each Mission.

First stage we got here is the Forgotten forest number one, the difficulty level of the mission is located on the top left corner to indicate to you how much precaution you should be taking before entering it, choose your weapon you wish to use in the battlefield before starting, that is going to take us to another story we got here which is the boosters inside here and how effective are they against the strong monsters.

Increase The Stock of Your Boosters Using Dark Sword Hack.

the game boosters are split into 4 types and we will be giving you quick Dark Sword tips about which one you should be investing the most on, you can also use the Dark Sword hack to get all of them easily.

Stamina: this is your main source of power as it will be consumed for each mission you are entering, so once you run out of stamina you will never be able to play the game anymore until it regenerates back.


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