Cosmos Guardians Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Cosmos Guardians Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Using The Free Cosmos Guardians Cheats Will Grant You an Access to Any Number of Resources for Free.

The Galaxy that we have used to know is at the edge of getting vanished and extinct, the order and balance of the nature has been messed up and the nations has gone to war, your mission now is to bring the balance and peace back to the Galaxy to save it from the mass chaos and battles that would lead to its end eventually.

A great Sci-Fi RPG that provides an interesting graphics and gaming experience that makes everything feels like a realistic and exciting moment, use the Cosmos Guardians cheats to obtain the fragments and needed power.

Cosmos Guardians was created and published via “Reality Squared Games” and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS powered device.

Game Introduction.

Enter your nickname at the beginning and this will be your first step into the world of the guardians, make sure that your name is between 2 and 16 characters no spaces and special characters are allowed.

After choosing the name, get ready to pick up an operator from three different ones, and in this Cosmos Guardians guide we Weill be picking up Reica, she was born and raised on Gaia, she works with Cornelia in Special research, long regarded as a genius chronic laziness being her only flaw, good friend to Cornlia she now assists the strikers as n operator, she has two special abilities to activate.

The first special ability is the Extortion; the second one is the constant effect as it will be increasing the team gun attacking power overall.

The Second Operator Skills.

Pepper the second operator, she is a true native of Gaia, she is a student in the special school and is a classmate to Earth and Piliah, she had no intention of becoming a strikers operator but volunteered due to her friendship with earth and pilliah, her first special ability is the messages of SU, it can restore up to 15 power capsules back immediately once activated, the second special ability is the Constant effect, is the encourage mode, it will be increasing the cannon attack of the team by 3% for the entire combat period.



Destroy Your enemies TO Receive Fragments.

Defeat the enemies to get boost fragments, you can be using these boosters to increase the attack speed, also remember that you can be obtaining the strongest and latest weapons from the story mode and weapon ruins, and the easiest way to be able to afford to purchase the strongest gears is by using the Cosmos Guardians cheats simply for free.

And as your first scenes of the combat you will notice that you have to be using whatever it takes to eliminate your opponent or the result will be sad because the enemy will have no mercy against you.

Visit The Forums for Extra Information.

Once the heat of the combat gets greater and increase rapidly make sure that you are activating the shield of the protection to provide a coverage for your heroes and decrease the incoming attacks, and if you are looking for extra Cosmos Guardians tips you can pay a visit to the gaming community and discover out the latest information related to the game.

Connect your social media accounts to the game in order to be able to send them direct invitations and also the completion through the leaderboards would be at its highest level.

Use The Cosmos Guardians hack to receive The Latest and Strongest Weapons for Free!

Create new friendships and from guilds together as you can be working together in big battles and combats scales in the game, choose between going through the story line mode that takes you in an adventures way to explore the history of the game and everything how it started from the beginning, and on the other side is the missioning system, put your hands over the Cosmos Guardians Hack to obtain the latest gears available.

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