Cookie Jam Blast Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Cookie Jam Blast Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Any Number of Coins You Desire by Getting the Cookie Jam Blast Cheats for Free!

The makers of the greatest game that has been breaking every record Cookie Jam, they are back now with a brand new version and improved one to provide you with the latest upgrades and fixes, Get Cookie Jam Blast cheats to make the gaming experience like never before.

Cookie Jam Blast was created by “Jam City, Inc.” company and it is available on the android and IOS platforms.

Gameplay Walkthrough.

At the first stage of the game ever, the game will be asking you to send you notifications to your account and this is something optional as you will not be forced to accept it, but we recommend the hardcore players to enable this feature as it will be helping you to get yourself updated with latest changes even without starting the game.

Receive extra coins as a reward for using the Facebook as a login option and we are totally supporting the players to connect their game with the Facebook account, connecting the game with the Facebook means that you are getting all your data linked their so the saves and progression will be saved for eternity, you will never lose any data no matter what happens, even if you have uninstalled the game and deleted it entirely from the device, just simply re login once more and it will be downloaded automatically.

First mission Ever.

your first mission here is the collect the waffles at level 1, as any other matching game, you should be aware of the basics before you get into the details of the gameplay, let’s start with first step ever, swipe pieces to create matches with 3 or more of the same color, each piece is allowed to move only one single step so you should be knowing that the complete freedom of yours is not available right there, each successful matching will result in an increase of your total score points, follow the Cookie Jam Blast tips with details to reach the highest possible stage.



Keep Track of Your Progress.

once you enter the mission you can find at the top side a bar that contains all the details and report of the latest changes at the mission, left side will hold the available moves that you have consumed so far, right next to it is the cat level, and if you steer right to the right side you will find the score tracker as it will allow you to realize how many stars have you scored so far out of the three given stars.

Techniques to Complete the Missions in Limited time.

Match 4 of a kind to make a line Breaker! and once the line breaker is formed, try to match it out as fast as possible to activate it out, this line breaker will simply destroy out a row that it is located at, and this will help you out with completing the mission faster than the usual, so now I think you are already aware of the importance of getting more than three matches together to have the super powered waffles on the puzzle list, and consider having Cookie Jam Blast cheats to use the received coins with purchasing new boosters, but we will cover up this part later on here.

Add The Cookie Jam Blast Hack to Your Playing Routine for Higher Performance.

A quick note to be added to the list, remember that they will never be posting or using your own connected social media account with your permission and that is something to improve the security and make you feel comfortable to use it here.

Make a T shaped match now to build an X breacher, this X breacher will eliminate out all the entire pieces on the X marks line, adding Cookie Jam Blast hack will make the gaming experience much better as you will be enjoying the verity number of coins that could be used to unlock the locked features with a single tap.

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