Champions and Challengers Cheats, Hack, Guide [Strategies]

Champions and Challengers Cheats, Hack, Guide [Strategies]

Champions and Challengers Cheats For More Fun

This is an arena fights based game, which gives you the opportunity to collect as many heroes as you can to add them to your army and start fighting the cruel creatures, start organizing your team and command them in an amazing real time combat experience that getting provided by the uprising gaming company X YesGnome, this game is available to play on the Android and IOS devices, and make sure you are using our Champions and Challengers Cheats, Hack, and Tips to generate yourself unlimited numbers of resources to help you throughout your journey in the game.

Choose Your Class Carefully!

At the begging of the game you will have to agree to the game terms and services which is just a routine action, then you will get to select your own leader, you will not find many options to choose from, on the right is just a girl and on the left is the male character, and at the bottom of each one of them you will find theĀ  attack, health, and critical, all these figures are shown in numbers to indicate how powerful they are, and do not worry there is no difference between the male or the female leader, keep reading our Champions and Challengers Guide to understand the game much better and have a wider vision over the game play.

New Attacking Mechanism!

Now your game guide will be the dice lord, he has beaten every single player in every game that has ever exited, he is going to present to you the ultimate game, now you are moving to the game play part, and starting at episode one, the game will keep loading for a while, then you will be moved into the fighting arena, you will be standing along against 2 warriors, and there will be a health and manna indicators under each fighter, now we will move to the part on how to execute attacks, all you have to do is to swipe on the opponent and you will see your hero jumping on the air and attacking the selected target.


Understand The Game Combat System!

We will explain now how this game combat system works in details, for the first second you might think that this game is a turn based, but no it is not, you can repeat your attacks after each time your stamina bar is regenerated, and in order to have unlimited amount of stamina you can simply use our Champions and Challengers cheats and keep attacking your opponents for a unlimited amount of numbers, but the same applies to the opponents as well, now we will move to the reward system and how it works here in this game, after winning your first fight you will get to receive experience points which will be added to your hero automatically and this will help your hero to advance in the level, leveling up is important in such a game since it will help you to increase your powers and after each successful leveling up you will also receive a unique box that contains a special gift.


Use Champions and Challengers Hack For Extra Rewards!

Now in order to claim the rewards you got from the successful mission you will have to pay a visit to the rewards cup that contains all the boxes, and now the most amazing part is opening the boxes part, you will have to roll the dice on the floor and depending on your luck the gift will be, but you can substitute all these boxes by using Champions and Challengers hack and generate yourself an unlimited number of resources and unlock the latest game features.


Upgrade Your Heroes!

Your heroes number can be increased, which will give you the edge over the enemies since you can outnumber them at most occasions, and also your attacks will be increase at the time, in order to get more heroes you will have to purchase them using the resources, so make sure you are using our Champions and Challengers cheats to get the required amount of resources.

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