Bullet Force Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Unique Strategies

Bullet Force Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Unique Strategies

Bullet Force Cheats Right Now for Free Gold to Purchase New Weapons!

Enter the battle right away and start playing with players from all over the world in the first of its own playstyle, behind each great game there must be a greater development team which is “Lucas Wilde”, start downloading it right away for free on your Android or IOS Platform, and with the help of Bullet Force Cheats, purchasing new weapons shall not be a problem any longer, don’t miss there updates on twitter as well.

Customize Your Lead-out Using Bullet Force Hack.

At the start of each round you can select from 3 given builds, each one can be optimized depending on your desire to use which weapon, on each build, from the primary weapon which can be a rifle gun, or a SMG weapon, in the open distant maps can, you should be using rifle weapons since they have high recoil but long distant shots, the secondary weapon which consists of guns, from high rounds magazines with low damage or the deserted eagle similar which has high fire power, use Bullet Force Cheats For unlocking and purchasing new weapons.


Connect Online with Players from All Over the Globe!

Before starting to get into the combats, you have to create yourself an account first, or there is another option which is logging as a guest but we do not recommend it, because your game stats and records will be lost once you login again, you can also select the servers us or the Europe ones depending on your location though the further the servers are the higher latency, and now let’s move to the game controls, you can shoot or open the weapon scope by pressing on the button at the right bottom corner, there is also the sprint button, and on the left side of the screen lays the directional pad, on the top left corner is the map, you need to pay great attention to it because it has the locations of each one of your teammates, and once an opponent fires a bullet he will appear as a red target on the map which makes the mission to hunt him much easier, keep in mind that Bullet Force Hack Will get you huge amounts of gold to purchase the strongest gears in the market.

Suits Every Device Powers!

In the settings menu you can take over every small part of the game, sensitivity of the aim can be increased or decreased depending on your preference either you want a fast aim or slow aim that’s the way you can, you can also become unique on your own by disabling the aim system to start shooting at the enemy targets that is the difference between the good player and bad one, and with the help of Bullet Force Hack the aiming will become much easier and better, you will end up each game you enter with the highest numbers of kill at the top of game score sheet, the graphics at the game is actually taking care of each part of your device hardware, you can increase the frames per second from 30 to 60 and that is all coming back how strong your device is, but still you will enjoy it at minimum hardware requirements.

Simple Controls in The Game.

the static joystick can be enabled or disable, sprint button as well which helps you with moving much faster on the ground doing sprints, you can also increase or decrease the screen scale according to your device size, keep in mind that Bullet Force Guide would make you understand the optimal graphics optimization that would suit your device, you are getting improved after each battle you win, your rank will get advanced step by step until you become one of the best shooters out there.


Awesome New Maps to Choose from!

Choosing your favorite map from offered 4 maps for free, you just need to spend some time on each map to study its landscape and the perfect spots, spawn spots of your enemy team as well, and after the end of each game the players will get the opportunity to vote for the upcoming next map, you can organize such a thing on the chat bar on the left side of the screen by speaking with the players that are currently in the game, and with Bullet Force Tips you should be able to recognize the perfect map for your playstyle.

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