Battle Islands: Commanders Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Battle Islands: Commanders Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Any Number You Desire of Gold by Getting Battle Islands Commanders Cheats Right Now for Free!

The long awaited World War II game has finally landed into the mobile world and you can simply download it and enjoy the combat features and become the greatest commander ever lived, use the Battle Islands Commanders cheats to help your commander to reach his goals in a very limited period of time.

Battle Islands Commanders was created by “505 Games (US), INC.” company and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.

Quick Game Intro.

At first before getting into the details of the game you must be aware that the game requires you to have an active and stable internet connection in order to be able to play it and enjoy its features, so if these requirements you cannot fulfill we totally recommend you to simply ignore it and search for games which are playable offline at our website.

And now once you start the game it will take few moments until it gets you connected with the game servers, the better your connection is the faster it will be, here is a quick note that you should be adding to the sidelines, win hard battles against your friends and earn high rewards which could be units and extra crates as well.

Perfect Storyline.

in our Battle Islands Commanders guide we are going to preview the storyline of the game and try to cover as many parts related to the game story as possible.

World War II is at its peak, and a select few are sent to train with elite commandos to become the next wave of victorious commanders…you are one of those select few!

so welcome to the boot camp rookie, and let’s get straight down to the business and try to teach you the most common basics of the game and help you to become the future leader whom your country is relying upon so hard.



Eliminate and Destroy!

Your first objective at the boot camp is to destroy the enemy bunkers and warships by using the units at your disposal, you will be earning one star for each Bunker you destroy out, take out the warship for instant victory, but first select the Light Tank from your available units which could be found at the units bar at the lower bottom side of the screen, and now deploy the light tank in front of the bridge, it will only deploy when you release your press over the unite and drag it to the right position.

Keep an Eye Over the Command Points.

Each unit you will be deploying will be deducting its cost from your command points, and each card and unit you can see the cost of its deployment located right at the top right corner of the unit so you must be aware of such a thing and try to always become smart and sufficient as much as possible, find most valuable Battle Islands Commanders tips right here in our review of the game.

You could start using the Battle Islands Commanders cheats in order to purchase the latest and strongest units, so this is your easiest way snatch it while you can.

Put Your Hands Over the Battle Islands Commanders hack to Purchase New Units.

Finish this battle by destroying the enemy warship, but remember that this is only the first mission and not all of the missions are the same, they will vary from one to another depending on the difficulty and storyline path.

Your command points will keep on regenerating as the time passes and as you are dealing higher damage to your opponents this means that the command points will be recharged much faster than the usual and help you to deploy even more, remember that with each victory you will earn a crate, each of these crates will contain supplies units and maybe even gold, but if you are looking for a reliable source of gold then you should be considering to take a look over the Battle Islands Commanders hack powers.


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