Angry Gran Run Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Angry Gran Run Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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An endless running game in its new form with many bug fixes and solution for the major problems in the game, start running in the streets with the new version of this Angry Gran, since she was locked out for long time and she has been planning for her escape but actually she needs your help on this mission as she does not know how to deal in the streets and how to dodge the police because she will get arrested if they caught her, use the Angry Gran Run cheats to get the boosters which in turn will improve

Angry Gran Run was created and published by “” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Simplified UI.

AT the main menu once you start the game, you will find the UI very simple and actually there are almost no complications at all, at the bottom side of the screen there are the buttons which are responsible for the missions, daily task, store, costumes and the settings menu, right here in our Angry Gran Run guide we will be going with more details into each part we have just mentioned and also the benefits of the game.

Tap Anywhere to Start the Challenge.

if you wish to start the game just tap on the screen anywhere and you will get right into the gameplay streets with the Gran.

the opening scene is about her getting out of the asylum location and running very fast in the street that is consisted of three lanes, this is a very similar experience to the famous game Subway surfers, nothing is changed compared to it except the storyline and the visuals of course.

now you should understand how the controls are working, there are two options to choose from, ether by swiping on the screen from right to left or left to right in order to switch lanes while you are running, or use the device sensor and tilt it in different directions to bash punks.



Dodge The Obstacles and Run for as Long AS You Can.

If you have ever faced any obstacles try to dodge it and if it’s way too low then swipe up to jump over it and keep on running none stop, do not let anything stop you from reaching your destination at any cost.

Keep track of the distance that you have covered on the top left corner, and you can also pause the game at any moment to restart over from the start or simply take a break since it could get tarrying after a period of playing, follow our Angry Gran Run tips.

The Longer You Run the Harder It Will Get.

In case you have ever met an obstacle just slide down by swiping down on the button and this will get you to slide underneath it, do not forget to use some boosters by putting your hands over the Angry Gran Run cheats and forget about the cost of these boosters forever.

the game will keep on increasing the speed pace as you move farther and that is why you should get adapted to the difficulty changes throughout the stages and become much more versatile.

Climb The Ladder of Leaderboards by Using the Angry Gran Run hack.

And now let’s finish up the controls basics, sometimes you will get to find turns and you must swipe into the direction as fast as possible before you end up hitting the walls, but now let’s mention that the game has a great daily questing system that gets updated regularly and puts you in a challenge with players from all over the world into the leaderboard system, to make sure that your place is reversed at the top of the table use the Angry Gran Run hack right away.

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