Alien Force Bentenny Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Alien Force Bentenny Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Any Number of Coins with The Alien Force Bentenny Cheats for Free!

Start your transformation journey as you have to complete the given levels step by step and also sending invitations to your friends would simply help you to eliminate the big bosses at the end of certain levels, use the Alien Force Bentenny cheats to have the right materials to go far in the game.

Alien Force Bentenny was created and published by the famous “Aikagames” gaming company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost every Android or IOS powered platform.

Gameplay Instructions.

Make sure that you are opening the game every 24 hours mark as there will be very interesting reward for logging into the game, they call it a daily reward chest, this chest could contain anything so there is nothing certain 100% about the items inside the chest, so the only thing you can do here is to open the game every 24 hours and check on it, right in this Alien Force Bentenny guide we shall be mentioning almost all of the interesting and important game features which could be helping you with your playing career so keep reading until its end without blinking an eye.

The coins are the main controller of everything in the game, and also you might get confused as everything is not stable by any means, there is not a clear language for the game, so you will be finding some English words mixed out with Chinese letters which could become a big trouble for any beginner, so we will try to explain the most icons and its usages as much as possible.

Simple Controls for Beginners.

We have decided to begin the game with the controls and try to explain out the various available buttons inside and how to use them, we advise you to choose the testing phase as this will allow you to pick up a hero whom will get challenged by various other enemy units, and there is no penalty for getting killed and also you will not be gaining anything in return, this is only a testing phase, find many other Alien Force Bentenny tips mentioned down below.



Random Tips.

Increasing your coin’s balance could be done by following certain methods, and right here we will be illustrating the most trusted methods to get them coins instantly with almost no effort to mention.

The game is offering you the option to watch an advertisement to certain games they are promoting and that is something very nice from them as they are not forcing you to watch them advertisement without your own permission, so it remains an option available anytime you to increase your balance of coins, so simply click on the watch ad icon on the right side of the screen.

Improve The Hero Powers Instantly.

Upgrading your character and winning chances is something very crucial to keep moving forward from this moment and onwards, that is the most important thing ever, you will not be able to advance forward anymore without the necessary upgrades and improvements, and the best way to get them upgrades is by having the Alien Force Bentenny cheats to your side.

It will be offering you huge amounts of coins which will allow you to reach the maximum potential level of the upgrading list but that is not it, on the next segment we shall speak on what the coins could do to your game.

Upgrade and Improve Your Character Powers with The Alien Force Bentenny Hack!

Potions are working very effectively, they will add certain special powers and strength to your character which will make it unique and have special skills at the battlefield, we are speaking about the potions and shield feature, but over them all comes the rebirth option that will come at a huge cost, but it is actually wroth it as it will allow you restart the mission right from the last point that you were killed at without having to start right from the start over, get any number of rebirth with Alien Force Bentenny hack.


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