AION: Legions of War Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

AION: Legions of War Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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Take part in the revolutionary AION game, enter one of the most unique strategic RPG to have one of the most outstanding graphics quality scenes with the right gameplay at the same time, use AION Legions of War cheats to ensure that you are reaching your goals successfully.

AION Legions of War was created and published by “NCSOFT Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform freely.

Storyline in Few Lines.

It is all very clear to me, I know that everyone despises me…but now please help…one day prior to the event, something has appeared right from the sky called Shadow Legion Agent, and he is actually calling you the fool who dropped out of the ELyos, it seems like your story is well known.

And this is simply the start of your first battle at the game, you should consider it as a very smart opportunity to learn the game basics including the fighting skills and techniques.

Shadow legion agent believes that this is the price you pay for trespassing onto Asmodia Territory, so let’s begin with the first part of our AION Legions of War guide which is the combat system and attacking technique.

Tap on the skill icon to use the skill, it could be found right on the bottom right corner of the screen, and this will deal a vicious strike, inflicts knock down on enemies and deal so high damage at the same time, this knockdown move will also buy you enough time either to escape or eliminate the enemy target.

Gameplay Instructions.

Remember that when a skill is interrupted enemies may be inflicted with an abnormal status, always keep an eye over the health bars which are located right at the top side of the screen, you can see your character health bar and on the right corner you can see the health points shown for you.

You could also learn more about the defensive positon and situation that you could take advantage of, but you can find the related AION Legions of War tips over the defensive state written over here.



Follow Your Commander Candor.

Advisor Flora, he is very grateful to see you alive and actually he believes that Commander Candor is the one who managed to keep you alive through all of these challenges, actually he is here to  bring you back to the base where you will get to see the beginning of everything and by the beginning we are speaking about the head quarter and the location nowhere you will be able to apply certain upgrades and improvements to your character, one of these upgrades are the wings which will allow you to fly from one place to another.

Mad Dragon Calagon!

He is an ancient Balaur reigning over the Abyss, hoping to lift the curse of immortality, it has been wandering the Abyss since time immemorial, and if you ask me I will say that the immortality curse is very frustrating as you will see all your lovers dying and you will remain alone at the end every time you fall in love with anyone whom is not immortal, but with the AION Legions of War cheats I believe that everything is achievable easily.

Get Your Wings and Unlock Extra Features with AION Legions of War hack!

And now commander Candor will start a new conversation as he is screaming Attention!!

The princess is being held as a hostage, and this ancient fortress will become the new headquarters for the time being, we cannot reach the citadel as the enemies are everywhere so we have to put an un invasion plane before heading to enter it.

Somehow a new force appears in the sky and it could only come from the dragon, so I guess this is the right time to use the AION Legions of War hack and prove yourself for your brother and put an end to this scary story.


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