Zombie Catchers Cheats, Tips Free Coins and Plutonium

Zombie Catchers Cheats, Tips Free Coins and Plutonium

If you are a big fan of ghost busters movies series, have you always dreamt about ghosts or seeing and catching them?

What about catching ghosts and making your own company and business out of them?

Yes Zombie Catchers Cheats is giving you the chance to chase ghosts and locate them and make your own good profit out of it start playing it now!

Zombie Catchers is making it is way up as it is already in the top 11 downloads in over than 89 countries

And top 6 action games in over 99 countries!


Protect the Planet earth from zombies’ attacks!


Start getting ready because the zombie invasion will not leave you harmless , so get your gears ready put on your armor and start training on how to shoot down zombies because the time will come where you will be hopeless and trying to survive and you will have to shoot some zombies down to survive.

But here comes the two smart business men that came here to make profit out of zombies’ invasion! Yes profit who could have imagined that this day would come Cody and Joey have decided to start their own business from killing zombies and locating them you will have the control over both of the characters you will have to choose to play with anyone of them and locate zombies and catch them or kill them depends on your financial situation, but as an advice try to catch them alive as much as you can you will make good profit out of them specially purple zombies

Zombie Catchers Cheats

Locate Zombies and Start Earning money!

start using the highest technology out there to locate the exact location of certain zombies to catch them alive to make the profit out of them, since zombies invaded the world and these 2 business men started their own company that offers fresh zombie juices and ice creams and different types of products so you will have to catch certain types of zombies alive to start making the products your company needing and make good profit out of it and earn gold coins.

Start upgrading your armory!

With the money you earn from selling zombies products to customers and more products you are offering the higher profit you making and you can also get gold coins from killing zombies and finishing the given tasks you will start investing the money on buying new machines to make new products at your company to increase the profit or maybe even hire more sellers and workers at the station, and the most important part is to buy new car and satellite to locate the zombies professionally and purchasing new weapons to kill them faster and easier also purchasing a new net to catch the zombies inside ,the beginner net can catch 1 zombie at one only the further you get into Catching Zombies your net will be able to catch more than three zombies at once so do not forget to invest your money on the upgrades the Zombie Catchers is offering to you.

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