Zombie Avengers : Stickman Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Zombie Avengers : Stickman Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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The series of stickman comes back again in its new form but this time you will be fighting off the zombies and remember that this game is considered to be one of the most anticipated action side strollers in the world, enjoy the combats in style adding to them all of your skills that you have gained previously in other versions and parts of the game, now I think you have a decent information about the beginning of the game and the time has come to enlighten yourself up with some of the story line so keep on reading and do not forge the importance of using Zombie Avengers cheats as it will be providing your character with the necessary Gems and coins to purchase the latest upgrades and gears available out there.

Zombie Avengers was created and published by “dreamsky” company and it is available for free download on the IOS and Android platforms.

Game Story.

In the far future the researches over the biological weapons has been increasing and getting improved rapidly but then something an expected has happened!

A leakage from the labs has spread out and started the infection series to the human beings and most of the animals out there turning them into scary zombies, and this event has required from the entire universe to take a stand and try to gather all the possible forces in order to find out a solution to this situation and come out with a cure to save the humanity or even eliminate all the infected zombies.

Simple Controlling Mechanism.

Controls are so simple yet you can find everything you looking for in these few buttons, start moving around in this 2D world by using the two directional arrows located on the bottom left corner, the left arrow is for moving into the left direction of course and the right arrow is for moving to the right side, remember that you can find all the information you looking for in our Zombie Avengers guide exclusively, and also we will be providing the review with important Zombie Avengers tips.



Combat Techniques.

And now as we covered the movement controls and spoke about the storyline with some details, the time has come to move for the combat system and how it works, use the attacking buttons located at the right corner as you can figure out the normal attacking style and the special skills, remember that every special skill you will be using it will result to make it go into the cool down, so you cannot reuse it again unless the it is off the cool down system, so use it with caution because you want to find it available when you need it the most.

Unlock New Heroes for Free with The Zombie Avengers Hack!

Enter the hero inn to choose and unlock new playable heroes and each one has a story behind him, first character is the Police X, the containment action on the fifth avenue failed and all his collages mutated, only he came back with mysterious power to fight off the zombies and try to avenge for his friends.

Gone Rose, the earliest hero in the league who helped found the league as liaison, she seems to know a lot about the zombie crisis.

Flame can be unlocked using the Zombie Avengers hack gems, fire is the best way to eliminate plagues and one can always find him around survivals in such need, so use it character when things get complicated.

Remaining Classes.

Cat, she is a teenager idiot with fondness of cat, her power definitely comes not from an Egyptian cat, but maybe a Persian on.

Last but not least is the Armstrong, secret weapon deployed by stark corporation, occasional rumors say that he mistakes human beings for zombies but nothing has been verified yet, anyway keep in mind you can try all of these characters out with the Zombie Avengers cheats.

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