Word Cookies Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies [Free Coins]

Word Cookies Cheats, Hack, Guide & Strategies [Free Coins]

Word Cookies Cheats Will Grant You Unlimited Free Coins And Disable The ADS!


Enter a world full of puzzles and mysterious letters waiting inside the oven for the right chef to make something useful out of it, start playing Word Cookies and create amazing words out of the given letters, share your results with your friends and brag about how good you are!

This game was created and published by the Giant gaming company “BitMango”, start downloading this game for free on your Android or IOS powered devices, If you are here only for Free Coins then no need to read the whole article, just head to this weblink cheats

Simple UI and Controls to Suit Everyone.

Wow you look so tasty, swipe the word “My” and now let’s connect the word gym together as well to create the sentence “My Gym”, that is how the game works, you will be given certain amounts of letters and your goal is create words out of out, and it is not that random to be honest, every word you are supposed to create, the number of letters of this word will be saved and counted for you, so your brain storming is limited to certain numbers of words, keep in mind that, if you ever got stuck, you can simply try to tap on the shuffle button on the left side of the screen, or on the Hint which works for a very limited number of times, but using Word Cookies cheats will make the hint button working forever with no limits on it.


Enjoy Amazing Game Features!

There are many amazing features hidden inside the game and packed for you specially to enjoy it, right here we will be explaining them with details, discover new words and add them to your vocabulary list, receive your daily login reward every 24 hours, get your brain to work which would help you to increase your intelligence and in also you can take a looking for Word Cookies Review it will helps a lot, Simple and fluid controls which makes playing it is no trouble at all no matter what your age is, and at last do not forget to read this article to benefit from our free Word Cookies tips.


Receive Amazing Rewards!

After each successful task you will be completing, you will be receiving points which can be used later on to purchase hints from the store, and make sure you are sending your feedback about the game to the developers, including your ideas and thoughts to make the game much better, also use the Word cookies Hack to remove the game ADS forever.

Use Word Cookies Hack to Get Unlimited Hints!

Make sure you are entering the game daily to receive your daily reward, which is starting at 15 coins but it keeps going bigger over time, you can also pay a visit to the settings tab and have the control over either to receive notifications or not, and you can also turn off the game sounds and music, and finally the game has just added a new Winter theme, since the winter is at the doors, start using it to have a very neat looking suiting the weather we are experiencing right now.


The game will keep on getting harder, swipe to arrange and build a word, see how many words you can find from the given letters, fill a cookie box with words, try to find a starred word to earn coins, it starts easy but gets harder quickly, and there is another useful option to use once you are running out of hints and your mind can barely take it, start sharing the stage you are stuck at to your social media accounts and ask your friends for help, start brainstorming as a group you might get a solution from a friend, remember to use Word Cookies cheats in case you ran out of the given hints tries.

Rank Up Until You Become the Master Chef!

There are many ranks you could be getting, the further you go in the Game Leads to higher ranks, starting with butter pack, and each group mission you will be completing your chef level will get increased automatically, and in order to achieve the maximum level, read our Word Cookies guide or start using the Word Cookies hack which will grant you free coins to purchase extra hints for free with a simple click on the link above.

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