Winions: Mana Champions Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Winions: Mana Champions Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get A lot of Gems by Putting Your Hands on the Winions Mana Champions Cheats.

This is an action game, it was created and published by “NEXON M Inc.” the game was released on 15 May, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices in order to reclaim back the land that was taken away from you by your enemies, and finally make sure to always get the help from using the Winions Mana Champions cheats to get a lot of gems to be able to upgrade your spell cards, so you can be stronger in the game to defend your base from others attacks.

Meet Pekko Who Will Teach You How to Play the Game.

Mater, during your absence, enemies took our land, so you should retake it back again! My name is Pekko, before we start tell me how should I call you, master? This is going to be your beginning in the game, you are going to enter your name and start working hard to reclaim back the land that was taken from you by your enemies.

After entering your name, Pekko will offer you to guide you to learn the basic game controls so you can be able to lead your army to start controlling your land again from your enemies.

Here we go, the first lesson of the tutorial will be about your mana and how you are in need to be able to summon new troops and to cast spells, and but we proceed to the next lesson of the game, make sure to read our Winions Mana Champions tips we are going to mention to surely dominate the game.

In order to start summoning your troops, you will need to use the several cards for those troops, such as the goblin card to be able to summon an army of goblins, and finally make sure to always get the help from using the Winions Mana Champions cheats to be provided with a lot of gems to upgrade your cards anytime you want.



Crush Your Enemies With Different Spell Cards.

After summoning your army, you will have the permission to declare attack on your enemies, and don’t be scared of your mana because it refills over time, and your minions will attack enemies automatically.

But you are not going to attack and crush your enemies with troops only, you will have another great weapon to use and it’s the spell cards, those spell cards has a great damage so you can wipe your enemies faster than before.

Splendid! It’s time to use a spell, crush your enemies with thunder! And to use it you will need to hold your finger above a target, now after you have learned how to use the different cards, it’s time to use them all to crush all of your enemies, and win this level.

After winning a level you will be earned a chest and that chest contains a lot of valuable rewards that will boost your progression in the game, so finally make sure you have read all of our Winions Mana Champions guide to learn how to control your character.

Win Different Stages to Get A lot of Precious Chests for Valuable Rewards.

Now tap to the first chest you got from the game, your first prize was 20 experience points to help you increasing your level to get upgraded to the next level, the second prize was 10 gold to help you buy everything you want to buy to easily upgrade your stats and to become stronger than before, the third prize was 2 diamonds and it’s also used for the same purpose of using the gold.

Blast! Those scoundrels just don’t give up! Prepare for their attack on our base, now it’s time to enter the storage to check for the available buildings that might help you stopping the massive attacks you are about to receive now.

After checking you have found the tower, tap the place button, confirm your decision and then the building will be in the progress of being built, this tower will be hard to be destroyed and will help you eliminating your enemies in no time.

Perfect! Now we are ready to give them a taste of our steel! It’s time to look at the campaign map again to get to the next stage of the game.

And finally make sure to always get the help from using the Winions Mana Champions hack to get a lot of diamonds to help you boost your mana during any possible attack from your enemies.



Declare War on Your Enemies and Control Their Lands.

Now select the campaign, select the second mission in order to begin your second journey of the game, now you know enough to conquer this land! Let’s do it!

Did you know that your hero can use their unique skill, let’s try it now! Tap on the skill to be used, ok during this massive battle, you will need to summon several troops and use different skills to destroy the tower that attacking you hard and dropping down your HP.

During the battle you can always choose which target your hero should attack first, just tap on the target and that target will be attacked and eliminated, and as a beginner you will get several rewards from Pekko to motivate you while getting your rights back on your taken land.

You have been defeated in the second mission because you were weak to destroy the boss that has been waiting for you to kill you, and finally make sure to get the help from using the Winions Mana Champions cheats to get a lot of mana points to easily summon any number of troops at any time.

Unlock New Cards by Obtaining the Winions Mana Champions Hack.

Looks like somebody left an egg near your treasury building, tap on it and see if anything happens, wow its looks like something will hatch from it, come back later and tap again, do it until the egg hatches, who knows what Is inside!

Ok this game depends on how many bases you are going to take control, you should be starting to train your troops to be able to declare war on other player’s bases and those players are real players that are playing the game from all over the world, this is how you are going to enjoy the game, because you will get attacked from other players, and you will also attack those players to revenge back.

With your score you are going to get a rank, and in order to become at the top of the ranking list, you should be destroying many bases, to do so you will need an extra help from using the Winions Mana Champions hack that will supply you with a lot of diamonds to get a lot of troops to attack every player that attacked you.

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