Westy West Cheats, Hack, Guide, “Tips & Strategies”

Westy West Cheats, Hack, Guide, “Tips & Strategies”

Westy West was released on 4 January 2017, the game was created and developed by Countryside Games.

Westy West is now available for free to download on all the Android devices with firmware of 4.0 and higher through Google Play, the game is also available for free at the Appstore, however there are in app purchases which you can buy them for real money such as you can buy in game dollars to use them in the game as you can get them for free using the Westy West cheats now, Check the developer FB Page.


Simply tap allow to the permission to be able to record in game videos.

When you first start the Westy West game for the first time on your device, the Westy West guide will ask you gently to get the permission and the access to take pictures and record video from your device’s camera, so if you simply agree to those terms just tap on the allows button to move further, then the game will ask you again to allow the app to record audio files, however you can deny those permission and the game will start just fine, so if you do not agree to these terms just do not tap on the allow button in order to just play the game, you can play the game just fine by taping the deny button also.




Just tap anywhere to start a new game!

When you reach the main menu, you will realize that you can simply start a new game by tapping anywhere in your device’s screen as a new game will immediately begin.


Try hard to achieve your quests.

Fight more and hard enough to finish and achieve your quests because it is the main part of the fun, as the first quest that you will meet is to explode two barrels for 20 dollars, you can also get dollars from the store or you can just get them using the Westy West hack for free now, then for the second quest is winning the first duel of your life for getting twenty dollars, then the third one is to get clear three scenarios for also twenty dollars.


Follow the tutorial for the optimum results.

Just swipe to move to square by square, and to shot the target, just simply tap stand in front of your target as in strait line and I mean not to get close it and simply tap your target and he will shoot it immediately, but if you want to aim just hold your finger to aim in four directions as in front of you or at your back or at your left or al your right, the Westy West tips will tell you to remember that when you die you will have to watch a video ad to revive you and give your hearts again or you can use the Westy West cheats and skip watching these annoying video ads.




Customize your character!

You can customize and change your character now among several jobs and customs as you can be a blondie girl, or you be a dancer one, or you can just be a butcher, machete, ranger, miner and cowgirl and much more buy all of these you must purchase them in order to unlock them.



Use Westy West hack to get access to the new items.

In this game if you want to get new guns or just ride a horse or many things that you can not do unless you buy it directly from the store, however you can relief your mind and get your hands on the Westy West hack and do whatever you want in the game.


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