Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips

Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats, Hack, Guide & Tips

Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats for Free! And Enjoy the Packs That Your Account Will Be Receiving Instantly!

This is the Walking Dead Road to Survival that was created and developed by “Scopely” gaming company, it is well known game since it was created on behalf of the Famous TV show that was named after it. You can start downloading it for free right now on your Android or IOS device without any charges applied. Plus, knowing that getting the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats would grant you special packs to back you up inside your journey in the game.

The Story Behind the Game Creation.

As we are starting the game now, you should be already having a previous experience about the game and the story behind it, since it is belonging to the famous to show the walking dead… the characters in this show are actually real and they do exist in real life and in the two show, so this game was created to let you live the experience they had exactly but with a different playstyle and view of the game, so keep in mind that your best friend at such a game should be the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats, since it will be providing you with the necessary packs to keep you moving on and progressing in the game without facing any issues or troubles, and by the way… it is totally safe and secure to use so if you are afraid from getting hacked or something like that, then you should not worry at all because the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats will never ask you for any personal information or identity.

Start Making Life Matter Decisions!

And now let’s move to the story and start giving you a brief about it and your goals in this chapter of the game. At the start you are surrounded by zombies but at the same time, the governor wants to kill you and steal all your supplies, so your fences would last for long enough to hold the zombies but you need to take them out because the more zombies the higher chances you would be losing your own wall and fences, so remember that you need to that silently and quietly without even giving any signal to the governor. Because he could take advantage of the zombies and start taking down the fences and walls so he could give an opportunity to other zombies to break in and start chasing your people down. Keep in mind that one bite from a zombie will simply turn your entire people to zombies as well. So try to dodge the incoming hits and react quickly enough to the zombie bites. Get equipped with the Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats so your chances of surviving in the zombie surroundings would increase dramatically, and then you shall be rising above anything else with the obtained packs.

The Gameplay in Details!

Here we shall be covering the gameplay and how does the game actually work in the fights against the zombies and what are the benefits you will be getting for each zombie you will be killing, and now you can see the characters that were having a dialogue between each other’s standing now at the combat scene, and the game will actually offer you a quick tutorial of how to attack or use the given resources for your own advantage at the game.

Look at the bottom of the screen and you shall find the character’s icons located, and also at the battle field under each character, you shall be finding the health bar and how long they can last in the battle before they get wounded or die out of the zombie bites, each character is holding a weapon, so in order to attack the zombies with the given weapons. All you have to do is to click on the character icon and watch the character attacking and firing arms with its weapons, but if you desire to attack a certain zombie with a certain character you prefer, since not all the characters have the same firepower level. Some of them are stronger than others so use them with wise and balance control so you could benefit the best out of them. So don’t forget the one of the most important things you should be doing at this game, which is using the Walking Dead Road to Survival Hack so you could benefit from them packs and become incurable.

Learn The Weakness OF the Incoming Zombie!

Keep in mind that the zombies will try to get closer you step by step, so you need to push them off out of the borders and do your best to keep them out of the character reach, but once the yet closer and start attacking you, you will charge the AP! Which is the Adrenaline points, these points can be earned by landing attacks to the enemy zombie sand taking them out, and once your adrenaline level is fulfilled and ready to be released then you shall become unstoppable and go through anything that is standing in front of you, just simple click on the Rush button that will appear over your character icon, and once it is activated you shall see a small cinematic video of the character that is on adrenaline rush taking out all the zombies in the screen area without a single mercy shown to them.


Use The Walking Dead Road to Survival Hack So You Could Dominate the Zombie World!


And now as you have cleared out the zombies you will notice that the danger is still there, it is not only the zombies that wants you dead and willing to steal your goods and supplies, it is also the humans!

Get prepared for the incoming attacks from the governor, and make some decisions fast depending on the situation. At some point of the game when the governor comes to attack you, you should decide from the 2 given options, either to eliminate the melee weapons group first? Or go for the ranged firearms group? Your decision will result in many things so you better make every shot you taking out of your gun worth it. Aim for the alert icon to deal the highest damage possible, and actually this mode will turn into Turn based game for a while, so you are attacking the enemies one by one and you will have to wait until the opponent deals his damage and applies his movement to the game as well. And yes the Walking Dead Road to Survival Hack shall provide you with enough packs.

Here Are Extra Walking Dead Road to Survival Tips for You!

Enter your name at the begging of the game, and start walking around with the nickname you have entered, which would make you famous for it while you are leading the leaderboards and becoming one of the best players in the world, and of course you can have the edge over anyone else by having the Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats, which could actually does wonders to your playing capabilities, remember to keep reading the Walking Dead Road to Survival guide so you could understand the game more deeply and benefit also from the free Walking Dead Road to Survival tips that will be mentioned in here.

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