US Creator Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

US Creator Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get Any Number of Gems by Simply Using US Creator Cheats for Free!

Craft your own city with every single small detail you would love to see, and unlock new building types from the old fashionable cities, start using the brownstone as a sign of improvement and get US Creator cheats to help you with creating your dream city.

US Creator was created by “LIONBIRD LTD” company and it is available to be downloaded from Android and IOS stores.

Gameplay Tips.

First part we shall begin with here throughout US Creator guide is the settings menu and how every available feature shall affect your gameplay.

Starting with the SFX AND BGM, SFX is normally another form of the sound effects and we recommend the users to keep it enabled because the game sounds are important for each play effect you shall be doing, so a single move shall make your playing style and technique way improved as there will not be a room to lose your concentration.

Following up with the nonfictions, the game is offering you a service to keep you notified with the latest changes and improvements taking place in the game even without playing it, so only turn it in case you became an addicted player and would love to keep yourself updated with the changes happening inside whilst you doing another tasks.

Save The Battery and Lower the Graphics.

The game is coming packed up with more than 10 different global languages to play it in, so if you are reading this review right now, then we are totally sure that you will be choosing the default language which is the English.

And to keep the users play the game for longer periods without having to worry any more about running out of the battery charge, they have added the option which allows you to change the graphics quality between normal and high.

The high quality is recommended only for the flagship devices and high end ones but if you are using a mid-range device and would love to enjoy the game for longer periods then the normal selection would suit you the most, get ready to find several US Creator tips mentioned here to help you with improving the quality of the game as a whole.



Quick View Over the Game Buildings.

Each new building you are unlocking shall be added to your gallery, so visit it and tap on these buildings to learn more about their original story and what are their nature.

Starting with the suburban house, the houses are usually surrounded by lawns and gardens and are indecent buildings, owners can create their own dream homes based on their personal preferences here.

And comes next the New York brick house, as it was created in the mid-19th century, buildings in red brick and brown stone rose in New York, more brownstone community were gradually developed in the Broadway, Greenwich village, Manhattan and other places, thus promoted the trend of brownstone buildings.

Very Simple Controls.

The controls are very simple and well explained, as you can swipe in certain direction in order to move all the stones, and once there are two blocks right next to each other, merge the same blocks to upgrade the buildings, the higher the levels the higher the score, and do not forget the US Creator cheats to score highest score possible.

Unlock New Features by Using US Creator Hack Right Away!

There are several options to choose from, as you can use the rewind button in order to move back in the time for one move, only do this when you do a complete problem and cannot figure out a way to fix it and get it done, also you can remove certain blocks from the ground by tapping on the hammer icon from the bottom bar, last but not least is the upgrade function to make your building carry more people and become improved one, all of these features will cost you gems which easily obtainable through US Creator hack.


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