US Army Survival Training: Game Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

US Army Survival Training: Game Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

US Army Survival Training Cheats To Get Unlimited Amount Of Resources!

This is an action game, it was created and published by “Nation Games 3D” the game was released in 15 December, 2016. Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices to be trained well and hard by the special forces and to become stronger, also with the additional help from the US Army Survival Training cheats you will get all the wood necessary for each building.



Start Building Your Boot Camp For The Survival Training!

After landing, your commander Alex will ask you to get ready for the hard training you are going to receive, and you will be spending a week in this jungle for survival training, so as he is the commander you will do what he say and work like a team or else you won’t survive a day here in this jungle, after you and your mates replies to the captain with yes sir, also using the US Army Survival Training cheats will provide you with a lot of stones to perform the next orders you are going to get and these orders such as asking you to create some space for building the tents for the team,  and will advise him to use the axe, and also will command the other two to check if the perimeter is safe.


Listen To Your First Order!

The first command given to you by captain Alex, you will start to chop down the trees to create space for shelter, by cutting all the needed trees and by the way you are going to find them marked red on the map, and they will be around 6 trees to be chopped down, after cutting the trees you will need to report back to your commander, and he will thank you for doing the job, then he will command you to start to setup the tents there, also by getting the US Army Survival Training hack you can get all the orders done in no time.


Gather All The Required Resources For The Shelters!

Before we start talking in this topic about the resources, put in mind that reading our US Army Survival Training guide will tell you more about how to get such resources,  you need to collect all the needed resources to start building, and there are two kinds of resources are available in the game, woods and stones, so get all these sources you will find through your training camp to not waste your time on looking for them in the next days, there is another thing more important and it is the food, after building the shelters, your commander will command you to find something for eat, so you all will go for a hunt in order to feed your exhausted bodies from all training you are getting every day.


It’s The Perfect Time For Scavenging Food!

Wild and farm animals can be hunted for food, depending on their nature, animals will flee or attack if they see you, in such training in jungles don’t expect to find pizzas and burgers, your first mission here is going to be heading to the forest and to hunt for anything eatable, and the other two mates will be asked to scavenge the bushes for herbs, after hunting a rabbit and reporting back to the commander, he is going to say What the hell is this soldier? And blame you for such thing because for sure this rabbit won’t provide enough food for the camp, and will order you to hunt for something that can last us for a couple of days, after getting the job done you will be rested for some time, by putting your hands on the US Army Survival Training hack you will get the enough food for your camp.


Start Putting Your Hands On The US Army Survival Training Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you are running out of time, and can’t collect all the needed resources such as food, wood and stones, you will need to use that in order to get such resources for your captain to make him happy and give you more rest than the other mates, also make sure to read our US Army Survival Training tips.


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