Trial Xtreme 4 Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Trial Xtreme 4 Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

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This is the most anticipated Bike game in this year and it has finally made it his way to our pocket device and we can simply download it and enjoy playing with a single tap.

Enter challenges against other players from all over the world in the famous hill climbing and racing game, get Trial Xtreme 4 cheats to ensure that you are winning each challenge and not losing a single one.

Trial Xtreme 4 was created by “Deemedya INC” company and it is available to be downloaded from Android and IOS stores.

Quick Info.

By proceeding at the starting message that means that you are agreeing to the terms and rights of the game and do not panic at all we have read them all and we can actually save you the time, there is nothing unique down there it is just ordinary.

you should be expecting to find all the necessary information about the game and a detailed explanation of the features so you would know exactly what you are using in this Trial Xtreme 4 guide version so keep on reading and stay tuned.


At the start meet DONNA as she will be your assistant in most parts of the game and how it looks inside over there, but we will give you a brief look over the UI from inside and how to use every button to get the best out of it on your bike.

If you look at the left bottom corner you will be able to see three main controlling buttons, the jump button as twisted steel and you should be using this button with caution to jump over obstacles but do not abuse the jumping button as the result could be terribly bad if you did jump at the right time.

Down below the jumping twister you can find two directional arrows which are responsible for changing the direction of your bike either from the right to the left depending on the current situation completely, but later on you will be reading our Trial Xtreme 4 tips so these buttons would make more sense to you.



Must Followed Techniques.

we didn’t complete the full UI coverage in the previous segment so you must know that you should tap on the start button on the right corner to start the challenge, keep your eyes always on the road and on the progress tracking bar at the top side of the screen as it will let you know how close you are from reaching a check out, and also the end line is cleared over there as a white flag with big pointer.

There is always a room for improvement.

always use the arrows to save yourself from crashing down and this means that you will have to start all over again either from the starting point or last check point that you have reached, and always put yourself in a challenge with your own devil as once the time runs out this means that you are lost as well so crashing is not the only way to lose the challenge.

They have added the countdown system to make the players take risks and be always in a hurry to score higher points, get the Trial Xtreme 4 cheats as it will be helping a lot with the upgrades part.

Improve Your Bike Powers with Trial Xtreme 4 hack.

There are two options of controls available that you will be having the freedom to choose between, controlling by buttons or by Tilt, we are fans of the buttons as they give more control over the bike.

There are several bikes available to choose from but you must be collecting enough coins to be able to either customize or purchase a new one, and this could become easily achievable once you start using Trial Xtreme 4 hack service, increase your bike speed and acceleration to reach the finish line in a world record breaking form.


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