TonTon Pirate Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

TonTon Pirate Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Get All The Needed Resources By Putting Your Hands On The TonTonPirate Cheats.

This is a role playing game, it was created and published by “DAREISOFT” the game was released on 30 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and prove yourself as the strongest pirate in the game, and finally become rich by using the TonTonPirate cheats to get provided with all the resources to support you over your journey.

Defend Your Ship Against The Attacking Pirates.

Summer, year 1408, ugh…Black Baron Bartholomew! You dare ambush me? But I know you used up all of your cannon balls! Now I will personally have your head! And suddenly he will jump straight to the ship to destroy it and kill all of its crew, in this game you will need to defend your ship and raid others to become the real pirate of the sea, and make sure to read all of our TonTonPirate tips we are going to mention in here to understand how to play the game before you even start it.

Learn The Game Instructions To Learn How To Control Your Pirates.

Now it`s time to learn the basic game controls and by reading our TonTonPirate guide and following the in game tutorials you will literally rule the sea and all will be under your lead, here is the first lesson you are going to learn and its selecting the pirate to start shooting, and now pull the canon and shoot and after a long fight against the other pirates you are going to eliminate all of the attackers and its going to be a sweet victory as its your first one, and now its time to celebrate by drinking all the rum barrels to enjoy the victory together.

Deploy Mr. Whig The Spearman To Look For The Swordsman.

What we do now? Where is cap? Shh… and look over there! They sure look dumb! Hey guys we should grab our weapons and capture that ship! This is going to be your first raid on another ship, so put the right and perfect strategy to start attacking to rule it, but another crew member will say who made you the leader? Without the captain, I’m the eldest! But a third member will say that’s not important at the moment we should ditch this raft and take that ship! And to take care of the swordsman on the deck, Mr. Whig the spearman should be deployed!

Gather And Put The Right Strategy And Start Attacking The Ship.

After gathering together as a crew you are going to put the right strategy to attack, now the make sure to see where their crew is standing at and what are the weak points of their ship, now start attacking with your cannon the roof of their ship because it has only 2 members and you can easily eliminate them without any suffer and any loss, and also keep in mind that the spearman is always strong against the roof members because he will hit them before them even notice him, and finally make sure to get the help from using the TonTonPirate cheats that will provide you with all the needed items to become the real pirate of this game.

Obtain The TonTonPirate Hack To Unlock New Features.

If you are running out of goods to become the strongest pirate in the sea, if you cannot find the legendary treasures that has precious items to supply you all over your journey, if you cannot upgrade your ships to the maximum upgrades to let it the strongest ship and with the best lead you are going to rule, using the TonTonPirate hack will supply you with all the goods you are going to need to fulfill your dreams and to become the most famous pirate ever born in the game.

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