Temple Jump Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Temple Jump Cheats, Hack, Tips & Guide

Use The Temple Jump Cheats To Get A lot of Gems.

This is an arcade game, it was created and published by “Nexx Studio” the game was released on 22 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and help this poor character to survive the lavas, and finally get the help from using the Temple Jump cheats and get any amount of gems you want to progress in the game.

Jump For Your Life And Survive The Lavas.

This game you should be jumping to survive the lava filled temple of doom, all you need to do is just 1 simple tap on the screen to start jumping, but you should care because its only 1 jump and 1 tap to arrive to the next land and not to fall in the lava, if you missed this land you will fall and get burnt until death, and if you want a higher and bigger jump hold down your thumb for a higher jump and finally make sure to read all of our Temple Jump tips we are going to mention in order to understand the game before you even play it.

Survive The Different Levels To Visit New Amazing Places.

There are a lot of levels to be completed, so you should start working on finishing soon to become at the top of the score board, these levels contains a lot of obstacles to be jumped over to survive and once you fall you will die and will start from the beginning again, so make sure to always avoid falling there to gain more score and to reach amazing places you are going to see to enjoy the game more, and finally make sure to read our Temple Jump guide to understand the basic game controls of the game.

Unlock The Different To Look Stylish In The Game And To Enjoy It More.

There a lot of characters to be unlocked in this game, these characters has different costs, and to look amazing and stylish in the game you should be collecting as much as you can from the gems you are going to find in each level, these characters are the cat and it costs 15 gems, the zombie and costs 25 gem, the flapps and it also costs 25 gem, Retweet and it costs 50 gem, ghost and costs 50 gem, Mutant and costs 100 gem, the dog and costs 150 gem, the human and costs 150 gem, vampire and costs 300 gem.

A lot of characters out there to be played with, and if you are running out of gems you can always get the help from using the Temple Jump cheats to get provided with any amount of gems you want to unlock any character you want.

Challenge Yourself By Completing The Different Achievements.

Here is if you want to challenge yourself, there are a lot of achievements to be completed and these achievements are play 100 times to gain 2000XP, 500 plays to get 2000XP, 1000 plays to get 2000XP, 25 points and its to get 25 score to gain 2000XP, 500 points to get 2000XP, and a lot more and with these XP you should be leading the score board of the game, so always make sure to finish them and get updated achievements to lead the game with your XP.

Obtain The Temple Jump Hack To Unlock New Features.

If you are running out of gems, if you cannot unlock the different characters to look amazing in the game, if you cannot complete the different levels and stuck in a specific level, if you cannot complete the achievements to get XP to lead the scoreboard with your score, using the Temple Jump hack will always provide you with any amount of gems to help you progress easier in the game.

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