Tale of Swords Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

Tale of Swords Cheats, Hack & Gameplay

●Description ●

Story of Swords-Eternal Love is a progressive 3D MMORPG included by 720°FREE FLYING framework

• Fly and find the strange domain;

• Experience the legendary world with your good fortune;

• Dominate the sky field, Rule the tumult domain

• Say No to Pay-to-win, partners matters more


In the clash of counter-evil presences, the sacrosanct sword was disintegrated into five. The predetermination summons you to overcome and control the tumult world,recast the hallowed sword with the intensity of endless love and protect the old legendary world, and Where are the swords and your everlasting affection? Give the experience a chance to start…


●Key Features●

• Revolutionary 3D encounter – Full 3D designs, Stunning visuals. Splendid embellishments, liquid livelinesss keep the battle quick and enraged.

• 720°free flying framework – 720°dual flying openly through the sky, investigate the old folklore world.

• Cross server PvP – Fierce battle on coasting islands, against equal groups to assert in-diversion domain and pick up.

• Constantly advancing world- – Regularly refreshed with broad substance, including all inclusive occasions to testing end-amusement prisons.

• Deep customization- – Customize to your heart’s longing with a profound character creation framework. (Custom your path profound into character with extraordinary distinction).

• No-UI selfie – Take Selfies in the high visual quality world grows dim the limit of the real world and dream, and empowers you incorporated into the amusement.

• Lovely fight pets – Tame and redesign an assortment of pets, incorporating them with intense associates.

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