Survivors the Quest Cheats, Hack and Tips Free Crystals

Survivors the Quest Cheats, Hack and Tips Free Crystals

Get ready to wake up and find yourself with two of your friends alone on an isolated island in the middle of ocean surrounded by the water on everywhere and this island is not a normal one, you will find out once you start talking a round on the island that this is island was used for weird experiments and some strange scientific researches get ready to discover who is behind , since you just relied that you are not living alone on this island fight your way through and learn how to survive the hard obstacles you are going to face on this island with your friends.


Start learning how to adapt to the sounding conditions : Survivors the Quest Cheats

Being alone with only two people alive with you one totally isolated island is a tough mission since you have no food or any source of electricity only a some wreckage of a ship some flares and mini radio that barely works and hammers and useful Tools that could help you to establish a small camp for you and your friends, in survivors the quest Cheats you will have to start learning how to fish and hunt with some ancient tools to be able to survive, fishing without a net or a fishing rod is an impossible task so you have to invent a spear and try to catch one by one you guys will have also to reduce the amount of food that you eat per day because you don’t know what is tomorrow hiding for you at this island!

Learn how to cook and how to build to be able to survive at this island.


Explore New Areas! :Survivors the Quest Hack

Survivors the quest Hack is offering you a rash experience of discovering new areas and places when you start talking you will have to secure the area around your camp to make sure that there are no dangerous animal living next to you that might jump on you during your sleep, once you start the game you have a very limited time till you start finding a source of shallow water to be able to drink since the water from the ocean is undrinkable and that would lead to your death.

You are taking control over the three characters in this game so you can start a task with a character and let him finish it meanwhile you can switch to another character and do a certain mission with it.


Outstanding Storyline!

Following the storyline in this game is worth a try since you will start moving to new places and discover new items and you will find out that you are not living alone on this island so this might be your ticket to get out of this island maybe try to steal one of their boats and run away or get an access to a working radio station and send for help!

There is also some serious puzzle mysteries that is well constructed so working your brain out will pay off at this game,

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