Stormblades Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Stormblades Cheats, Hack, Guide, Tips & Strategies

This is a very high note graphics game that is actually surprised us with the visuals and efforts brought right into the game! You will experience something really unique and never been ever on a mobile device before.

Get yourself ready to enter a free paced sword fighting game, where you can actually try out new movements and skills and free the freedom for once!

Start downloading it now either on the IOS or Android device, and get the StormBlades cheats as well to be able to have enough Essence to keep you moving on forward through the different game stages.


Your Bible to Dominate the Battlefield.

Here in the StormBlades guide we shall be giving you most of the game basics so you would be actually ready to hob into the battle, now with the attacking styles, there are many different attacking styles that can be used through the battles, but actually you need to know the battle types and the game playing style you will be experiencing, as a player you shall be seeing you will be moving in an open world map that has many things that you can use for your own good and benefit from them so far, such as trees and buildings you can jump from to another, and there is a monster or a boss that you have to kill him in order to proceed to the next stage of the game in lower time, and after each single mission you will be completing you shall receive awesome rewards in return such as essence and relics as well, but remember that the rewards you will be receiving for completing certain missions will be based on your performance at the mission itself,


so if you do a great job and proceed so far in the game. This means that you shall be getting much higher rank and higher rewards but if you perform poorly and it takes you very long time to finish the mission, then no one is to blame but yourself for the low reward and income to your account.

Learn New Fighting Techniques.

Start swiping on the screen in different direction to perform different and severe attacks to the enemies, there are much stronger rand combo attacks that will require you to be focused and ready for any sudden attack or shock so far, and also don’t forget that the Stormblades cheats Is available to get picked up.

StormBlades Hack Will Help You with The Upgrades You Desire.

Upgrading and improving to be able to match the game difficulty is such an important thing, since as you go longer and unlock more levels and locations at the game. Everything will dramatically get tougher and harder as they will try to take you down at any cost!

So paying a visit to the upgrade center where you can start spending the essence that was obtained from the StormBlades hack for free, can finally come in use to improve your blade powers so he can deal much higher damage which means less time will be consumed in order to take out the monsters!


Collect Resources as You Walk Around.

As you move around the map, you will get to see collectable items as well, they are very important do not miss out anything on your way to the end of the mission, and keep reading the StormBlades tips that will appear during the loading screens, they are actually very important and helpful we find them one of the best tutorials that was ever introduced to a mobile game by its developers. As it will reveal the usage of essence correctly and help you know how to spend them wisely, so in case you have missed reading this article these tips are more than enough to you as we believe.

Simple and Fluid Settings Menu.

Enter the settings menu to start doing your preferred gaming setting and apply it to the game, either to turn on or off the game sounds and music, you can also increase or decrease the graphics to match up your device hardware.

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